Can you Get Top Marks in This Casino Catchphrase Quiz?

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Given its rich, extensive history, it’s no surprise the gambling industry is full of specialised terms and phrases that have developed over time. And one place where you’ll find these phrases are most frequently used is inside a casino.

Avid casino players love nothing more than inventing new idioms and phrases to describe different scenarios, moves during play and outcomes for their most favourite games. If you’re new to the casino world, all this jargon could sound like a whole different language; especially during a game. However, being aware of different phrases and terms can actually enhance your gameplay, so it’s worth doing your research.

For example, those who play roulette might find it useful to be aware of the “chameleon strategy” – a technique that involves mimicking the winning players on the roulette table. This way, you can catch out those who play dirty to ensure you have the best chance possible to win! Or, you could sneakily adopt this technique yourself to find out if it actually works.

Fancy yourself as a casino lingo connoisseur? Check out this quiz to really test your knowledge on some of the most popular catchphrases and terminology you might encounter on the casino floor. Be sure to let us know how you did below!

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