Can You Obtain a Portugal NIF Online?

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Those who intend to apply for a Tax Identification Number or Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF) often have many questions linked to the process. One of them is as follows: Is it possible to get NIF without even leaving your home? This is what this article is going to be devoted to.

A Traditional Way of Getting NIF

People who want to receive NIF usually plan a visit to the local tax office. However, such an option does not satisfy everyone. Today, many individuals are seeking ways that involve less effort and are time-saving.

Well, when you visit a government office, you have to go there and speak with the representative who will be helping you to get your NIF. Certainly, all of them speak Portuguese, (you are in Portugal, so no wonder) but what if you have trouble speaking the language? There are not many employees in such offices who speak English. There is a slight possibility that you will get lucky but there is no guarantee of this.

That is why you may have to use the services of a professional translator when you plan such a visit. If you don’t want to deal with that situation, you are free to consider the option of ordering NIF online.

Ordering Online: How Does It Happen?

Once you have found an intermediary who will help you, it is time to get started with the actual procedure of requesting NIF. This is what it usually looks like:

  • You upload the documents that are required in order to receive NIF without any major issues. They are thoroughly checked by the government authorities, so the process is actually the same as when you visit an office in person, but it is not you who makes effort here.
  • You fill the application form suggested to you.
  • Then, you proceed with paying a fee (it varies from one provider to another).

All you have to do is wait for the result with patience. By the way, you will get your NIF faster if you order it online. Normally, NIF is sent to the email address you have stated in the PDF.

Will You Be Able to Live Without NIF in Portugal?

Yes, you will. But what will the quality of your life be like? You are likely to have certain problems and your daily routine will be full of limitations. That is why if you strive for convenience, you should not postpone requesting NIF.

Well, there are some specific situations when having NIF is mandatory and you have to present it, which is a great reason to order NIF Portugal online and get rid of the potential issues that are connected with the absence of NIF. Examples include:

  • Signing a mobile contract
  • Opening an account in a Portuguese bank
  • Having an appointment at the doctor’s
  • Getting or renting property

These and other situations play a significant role in our lives. That is why you should not delay ordering NIF.

As for the cost of the services, it may vary. It depends on how experienced the intermediary is and how trustworthy the team who will be assisting you is in general. What is more, it is also important to factor in how long it will take to receive your NIF. The shorter the expectation time, the more you might have to pay for the service. Hope you will manage to succeed with getting NIF!

Image Credits: Vita Marija Murenaite

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