Career Paths in Life: Job Security and 9 Other Great Things About Being a Nurse

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Finding job security and satisfaction is a challenge. Focusing on your goals and strong points is a smart place to start. If you enjoy caring for others and have a passion for science, nursing might be your perfect career path. Discover ten great things about being a nurse, including job security and more.

Accessible Education

While entry is competitive, nursing programs are available all around the country and online. Because nurses are in high demand, educational opportunities are accessible within your region or by accessing courses via the Internet. Simply search for Nursing Programs Near Me to find a host of viable options.

Caring for Other People

There is great satisfaction caring for other people and making a difference their lives. Nurses get to take care of patients and watch them improve as a result of their efforts, which can be quite rewarding.


Some nurses decide to travel around the country to take care of people in need. The chance to travel and earn significantly doing is a major advantage for those who decide to become traveling nurses.

Job Security

Finding a job is a huge issue for many college graduates. Students who major in nursing will always be able to find a great job. The demand for qualified nurses continues to increase, which means there are fantastic career opportunities around the country.

Excellent Salaries

With the high demand for nurses comes an excellent salary for those who can do the work well. Top nurses can command six-figure salaries, depending on their experience and areas of specialization.

Overtime Pay

Beyond an impressive salary, the ongoing demand for qualified nurses means there is usually a lot of overtime. When nurses work overtime, they earn even more money.

Learning New Things

Nurses are constantly meeting new people and learning new things in the course of their careers. Ongoing education is required to stay on top of advances in medical treatments. Nursing is an ideal career for people who enjoy learning and growing each day.

Opportunity to Advance

Nurses have plenty of opportunities to advance into specialized careers and hospital administration. A nurse who wants to move forward gains experience and continues his or her education to land progressive positions in hospitals, clinics, and private medical offices.

Choose a Specialty

Nurses have a golden opportunity to choose a specialty, such as pediatrics or podiatry. A nurse can focus on certain medical area of interest for complete job satisfaction. From working with pregnant mothers to handling a crisis in the emergency room, a nurse can select a specialty that reflects his or her unique talents and preferences within the field.

Tuition Reimbursement

Since the need for nurses is great, there are often opportunities to work at a job that offers tuition reimbursement or assistance to those who want to further their careers. Nurses can take advantage of these opportunities to advance in their careers without breaking the bank with student loans. Traveling nurses may also have the opportunity to have their licenses reimbursed.

With all the advantages of becoming a nurse, it is easy to see why more people are opting for this satisfying career. As the demand for educated nurses continues to soar, the salaries and opportunities in this field are booming. Smart students are choosing to major in nursing today, knowing there will be plenty of career opportunities tomorrow.

Image Credits: National Cancer Institute

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