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Chances are, you have heard a lot about CBD and its benefits. Some people use it to help them sleep, to ease anxiety, to relax, and to relieve symptoms of pain, but some people use it for skincare. CBD-based products for skincare are what most people search for to take care of their skin.

Before getting into the details of CBD’s ability to help us maintain healthy skin, I will explain what CBD is and why CBD is legal even though it is a cannabis compound, and mention some of its most common therapeutic properties. The ability of CBD to interact with the endocannabinoid system is the main reason it has such beneficial properties, getintopcc can help you learn more about it.

What Is CBD and Why Is Legal?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a naturally occurring compound present in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoid will not get you “high” or “stoned,” instead, it offers many benefits. Chances are, you know a thing or two about THC, which is the one cannabinoid that gets you “high” and causes addiction. Both have therapeutic properties that may help humans and animals, but THC may cause negative side effects, while CBD is safe to use. But how are these two compounds obtained and why are CBD-containing plants legal?

Cannabis plants are divided into three species: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. For now, we will dive into the Cannabis Sativa family and its two strains; marijuana and hemp. One of these strains is illegal because it contains more than 20% THC and it is not safe to use. That strain is marijuana, which besides being high on THC, can only produce around 10% CBD. As we know, marijuana causes addiction and has the ability to cause many negative side effects, and THC is the main reason. On the other hand, there is hemp, which has the ability to produce at least 20% CBD and less than 0.3% THC. For that reason, it is safe to use and legal by federal law in most countries.

The above condition (<0.3% THC) is not the same in every country, and can vary. In the USA, the rule is the same, but in Europe it is different. Some allow it, some with extra rules, but things are changing for the better.

Some of the Benefits of Using CBD-Based Products for Skin

CBD has gained popularity as an option for treating any health issue or disorder. Its rise in popularity is not a surprise, because people use it for themselves and for their pets for plenty of reasons, from muscle relief to fighting insomnia, and treating cancer symptoms. Another factor in this rise is the volume of products, because CBD comes in many forms. For instance, when it comes to skincare, CBD can come in the form of CBD-based creams, lotions, gels, oils, and much more. It can purportedly smooth wrinkles, alleviate dry skin, prevent pimples, and maintain a good state of skin health. Cannabidiol has the ability to prevent skin from aging fast, and who would not want that?

Latest studies reveal that cannabidiol has the ability to help the skin look more youthful. The studies done in mice suggest that CBD can slow down the signs of aging. By interacting with receptors of the endocannabinoid system, CBD releases its anti-inflammatory effects, which in return prove to be very helpful for skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. If you are interested in the details of a specific CBD-based product, there is plenty of information on the different products available online.

You should pay a visit to your dermatologist before using CBD, especially if you are using other products. Mixing CBD products with other skincare products does not guarantee benefits.

Image Credits: Andrea Piacquadio

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