Common Illnesses That Can Affect Your Children’s Health

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If you have children then you know how rubbish their immune systems can be. Children need to build up their immunity so that it is capable of fighting off all germs and infections it comes into contact with. You can encourage your children to head outside while they are poorly as fresh air helps them to recover naturally. If you are new to parenthood and haven’t experienced the joys of childhood illness then take a look below for the most common ones you can expect.

Cold & Flu

One of the most common illnesses your children will experience is a common cold or the flu. They are far more prevalent in winter but can affect your children all year round. The symptoms can include a high temperature and a blocked or snotty nose. It can be treated with painkillers to control any fever or aches and pains. You might be wondering, is paracetamol a painkiller? The answer is yes, it is a painkiller and you can give infant or junior paracetamol to your children.

Mental Health

Something else to think about when it comes to your child’s health isn’t just associated with their physical health. Mental health in children is something that is often forgotten about and children are just expected to deal with their emotions. However, if you don’t help them to manage these emotions from a young age then they won’t know how to manage and cope with them as adults. This can lead to extreme outbursts and pent-up anger toward people around them. There are many professionals and therapists out there who can help your children, make sure you do your research.


COVID-19 is something you may remember as shutting down a lot of countries and making a lot of people rather poorly. It has been somewhat forgotten about recently although numbers are on the rise once again. Children are still at risk of catching COVID-19 from nurseries, schools, or even their surroundings. It is important you teach your children the importance of washing their hands and using antibacterial gel. The vaccine is available if you do wish to vaccinate your children against COVID, though the WHO states that healthy kids and teens don’t need to be vaccinated.

Ear Infections

Finally, another common problem your children can run into is recurring ear infections. These can happen if your children spend a lot of their time in water. Either swimming or submerging their head in the bathtub. If your children have been complaining of ear pain then it may be worth taking them to the doctor to get them checked out. If you don’t treat an ear infection then it can lead to more serious complications such as a burst or perforated eardrum.

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you some more information on the type of illnesses your children might experience. Remember, they don’t last forever and with the right treatment they can overcome most things.

Image Credits: Andrea Piacquadio

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