Designing Your Office Space to Boost Productivity

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Similar to designing your home, planning your office layout and design can be challenging. You want to be able to create a space that contains all the facilities you need for work while still creating a working environment where people can feel motivated.

Office design may seem like a creative decision, but many studies have shown that this affects performance, productivity, and motivation within the office. Having a beautiful design, however, does not necessarily have to be costly if you know what you have to consider, as well as the places to find them.

When planning out your design, you still have to consider your type of business and its needs. If you want to promote a peaceful working space among people, you can get Autex acoustic panels that will help block reverberating sounds. If you want to create a more creative space to promote inspiration and ideas, you can opt to have a more colorful space with fun chairs and large tables for brainstorming.

Color Your Walls

Although the wall color of your office may seem like an aesthetic choice, the color you choose can have a psychological effect on your workers. Generally, avoid the color white, which tends to give off an intimidating vibe due to its association with clinical environments. Depending on your line of business, you can select from a range of colors that will help boost productivity within the office. Light blue, for instance, is a popular choice because of its calming vibe.

Once you have chosen your wall color, you can opt to have it painted or get Autex acoustic wall covers or panels to block off noise and echoes coming from your office. The latter is particularly helpful for meeting rooms or similar areas that can quickly become noisy, which is known to be one of the most common complaints in the office.

Get Natural Light

Lighting is another crucial factor in your office since bad lighting may lead to poor performance and stress. If possible, try to get access to natural light since it is bright but not in a way that will cause eye strains. If you can’t find a place with many windows, you can instead get natural light bulbs or indirect lighting. Such appliances provide the optimum amount of light without causing irritation or strain.

Select Quality Furniture

A big part of your office design will be the way you arrange your furniture and put all the pieces together to fit your space. However, the quality of your furniture will affect your employees’ experience, since poor quality may cause discomfort and consequently hinder productivity or performance.

Having lower quality furniture that may break easily will not only cost you more in the long run but possibly unmotivated your employees. More importantly, it may cause health issues, especially when it comes to low-quality desks that do not give proper back support. Nowadays, ergonomic chairs are on the rise because they help prevent back pain among office employees.

Overall, your office design will speak volumes about your business. Hence, you want your office space to not only motivate your employees to work but also attract clients, if applicable. You can do so by thinking of your company’s culture and trying to integrate it into your design, along with considering some fundamental factors to boost productivity.

Image Credits: Pavel Chusovitin

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