Eight Trending Vaping Styles for Veteran Moms

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Veteran moms have been at this for a long time, and they need some nice ways to look their best and smell their best while vaping. There are eight styles listed here that you will really enjoy, and each of them makes it easier for mothers to get in that daily vapor they need. You can try one or all of them as you look for the best ways to get that vapor in your system.

1. The Standard

There are some standard ways to vape in these basic cigs that will look very classy. They fit in your bag easily, and you feel like you are definitely vaping in style because these particular cigs are made for the style and ease of use. They are small, and they do not draw attention to themselves.

2. The Mods

You could make as many mods as you want to your cigs, and the cigs with the most mods really look interesting because they are designed to be the kind of thing that you would use every day so that people can see it. You also usually get better flavor from these devices than you would otherwise.

3. The Neon

You could use something that has a little bit of neon color because that makes it more fun to use it in public. These particular e-cigs look great because they have that neon light that glints in the sun. They could be your favorite color, and they really are fun to see because people want to know about them.

4. The Box

You could have something that looks much better in a box style, and it could be something that other moms want to know about. These boxes usually produce a little bit less vapor, and they are safer for you to use around the kids. You still get a pleasant odor, and these boxes are fun to play with because you could design them in any way that you want.

5. Citrus

You could vape citrus flavors that make you smell sunny and fresh at all times. You will feel like you are using something that makes you look and smell nice, and people will be interested in the flavor that you have picked. This makes it much easier for you to vape in public with no problem, and it makes everything around you smell nice.

6. Vanilla

Vanilla is a flavor that you have to try for yourself because it sort of negates all the other negative odors that could be coming from your kids. This is the kind of vapor that you want to have in the house, and you want to have a vapor in the house that will be better for your car or your office. This is one that people want to try because the smell is so nice.

7. Coffee Or Mocha

You could use coffee or mocha any time that you want when you want things to smell that much nicer, and you have to see if there is a way to make these flavors a part of your morning routine. These flavors will fill the air, and they are easy for you to use in the cooler months.

8. Herbal Scents

You could go with herbs and flowers, and they almost smell like perfume when they are used in the right way. You just have to decide if these are the flavors you want around you every day.

Liquido24 is just one way for veteran moms to look their best while trying to vape with some style. Women have often given up cigarettes, and they turned to vaping instead. They need to have an e-cigarette and flavors that they will love every day, and they only way to get that is to search through the styles above. All these cigs make it easier to vape, and the flavors make it much more fun for them to enjoy their daily vapor.

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