Eight Ways You Can Change the Outlook of Your Living Room to Impress Your Guests

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Designing a home is like playing a game of Tetris. One mistake and everything falls flat.

It requires an equilibrium in terms of aesthetic sensibilities and a touch of science. Due to the sheer scale of possibilities, it is only natural to assume that interior design is an art that is innate in just a few. But one can always seek inspiration and hone their skills.

In case you are planning to design your living room, then you are taking this opportunity to brush up on your Martha Stewart skills, this is just the right article for you.

For you, I’ve lined up a list of eight tips that can help you transform the look of your living room. By the end of this blog, I am sure that your living room design will leave your visitors in awe.

So without much ado, let’s begin!


The living room is usually the center of the home. People host guests and families in this space, and they spend a significant amount of time there. This is why the living room needs to be balanced. Symmetry in the design plays a critical role here. One cannot place a bunch of furniture randomly and expect it to look put together.

The symmetry in a living space can be maintained via a linear arrangement of corners and stark contrasts of texture and color. Whatever the design you choose, make sure it helps create a living room, and not a bland diagram from a middle school geometry textbook.


Living room

The living room should represent who lives in that home. It needs to be characterized according to the tastes and choices of the owner.

Whether you wish to showcase your carefully curated collection of classic novels or display your cluster of vintage cameras or vintage poster, the living room is the right space for doing this.

You can add art pieces, photographs, movie posters, and other memorabilia to the walls. This will not only enhance the looks of your space but also pique the interest of your visitors. You can add memory cabinets and a few pre-war antiques too. Who wouldn’t mind an easy icebreaker during the video conferences in the wake of COVID-19?

Seating arrangement

Table and couch

Once you have sorted the feature of the walls, next up is the seating arrangement. This is where you need to think of the long haul.

Do you need a temporary couch in the living room, or would you instead invest in a pricey sofa set now that can last a few years?

A long-lasting seating arrangement can be found by just searching for “mattress stores Boston“. Whether you need a foldup bed, a recliner, or a seven-seater. You can arrive at a good choice by lining up your budget and space in a simple equation. Once you find something that fits your criteria of endurance, aesthetics, and cost, you have unlocked the next level!



The shelving on the walls needs a little thought too. You can either add large, square shelves on a wall to showcase a few pieces of crockery, or you can go the traditional route of tall bookshelves lined up to the ceiling. Either way, appropriate shelving can help you accentuate not only the character of the space, but also become your savior in organizing the house better.


Speakers on cabinet

When one discusses the interior décor of any space, they cannot miss out on the light. It is essential in all aspects of design.

You can impose the illusion of a larger area by keeping the décor sparse, and the windows wide. The sunlight that seeps through the large windows makes your living room a lot more photogenic and lets you be Kelly Wearstler in front of your guests.


White sofa

Since I have just mentioned Kelly Wearstler, it is a must to reiterate the significance of coordination.

Maintaining the vibe of the room adds a lot more value to your space. If you have an Instagram-able house, a Pinterest mom’s life, or are the champion of the white walls found in the home of Christian Grey; every tiny tidbit must coordinate with the overall feel and character.

You cannot expect a bizarre combination of 1950’s Grandma and Boho chic to go together well. Or it might actually work, but only if you carried out the task artfully.


Living roomDrapery adds a lot of drama and finesse into any space. You can mix and match a balance of light drapes and seafaring bits and bobs to maintain an aura of nautical charm. Or you can pull a Shakespearean romance by adding silk drapes.

Vintage furniture with a few art pieces from the High Renaissance to let your guests feel awestruck by the aura of luxury and history combined in a single room.


Corner sofa

A touch of green always impresses the viewers and visitors. You can introduce plants in your living space by placing a few succulents in strategic spots or invest in some forever roses to enthrall the guests with their picturesque beauty.

You can also set a few taller plants near a large window to create a homey, little greenscape that allows your guests to feel a sense of respite in the digitally manipulated life of modern days. You can add either one of these elements or incorporate them all. Either way, the living room is going to look gorgeous.

Wrapping Up

I can only share a few things from the books, but when it comes to the implementation, it is all in your hands. You are free to follow the little voices in your head and be the master of your own home.

All that matters is your satisfaction. If you derive joy from the décor of your home, then being your happiest means a lot more than following a décor manual.

Now that I have shared the tips, it is time for us to wrap this post. I hope that the mentioned ideas and tips will help you design a delightful living room. If you would like to share your views, feel free to fill up the comments down below.

Image Credits: keresi72, Pixabay, Terje Sollie, 祝 鹤槐, Spencer Selover, Ksenia Chernaya, Alex Qian, Skitterphoto

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