Everything You Need to Know About the Cost of a Funeral in the UK

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As with everything else, there are different costs involved in a funeral, and inasmuch as we don’t like admitting it, your funeral expenses will differ based on the kind of funeral you would want to give your loved one. Likewise, it will differ based on your location or where you are in England. It helps if you know the costs of a funeral in the UK so you won’t be unduly surprised. For instance, the price of a burial is significantly higher than that of cremation, and this is why almost 80% of funerals in the country are cremations. But what else do you need to know about the cost of a funeral in the UK? Let’s find out.

The general data

In general, the cost of a typical funeral in the country is a little over £4,000, and the prices will vary based on the type of funeral service you choose. For instance, the cost for burial is around £5,000, but a cremation (which is cheaper) is around £3,500. Along with this, the prices can be influenced by where you are in the country (funerals will cost more in London than Leeds, for example) and what type of transport you go for and the kind of coffin you have procured. The cost will also differ based on the fees of the funeral director (who arranges everything on your behalf) and extras such as catering and flowers during the wake.

Whilst a funeral’s final expense will depend on whatever arrangements you make, the quality of the service can differ based on the funeral director you hire. Funeral directors in Leeds, for instance, will make sure you have a fitting celebration of life for your loved one whilst still considering your budget and the necessities.

The breakdown

As mentioned, the costs of a funeral can be broken down into several major parts. It includes the fees of the funeral director and the third-party expenses, the costs of a burial or cremation, and the optional expenses. To break it down further:

The fees of the funeral director

The fees of the funeral director, fortunately, cover most of what is needed, such as the arrangements before, during, and after the service; the transport of your loved one into their care; the preparation of your loved one for the viewing, the provision of facilities like a chapel of rest, the provision of a casket or coffin, the pallbearers to carry your loved one’s casket or coffin, the hearse, and extras such as flowers, wreaths, music, and other arrangements. Of course, they will also ensure all your instructions are followed, and they will be present from beginning to end.

Third-party expenses

These expenses will often include the cost of burial or cremation, and these will vary depending on where you are. The funeral director will manage all of these for you, and they will include the additional fees on your invoice.

Optional expenses

Along with the expenses stated above, you may also incur optional fees, such as the memorial service cost, the catering, the hiring of limousines, the hiring of the venue, the death notice, and the order sheets. All of these can add up to around £2,500.

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