FAQ Session: Answering 6 Common Questions About Wine Coolers

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You don’t have to be a collector to enjoy the benefits of wine coolers. They are made to keep the drinks you care about at the right temperature. If you’re shopping for specific types of wine coolers, then there are a few things you should know. There is no be all end all appliance, but there are a couple of features that will affect your buying decision.

1. Can You Set the Cooler to Any Temperature?

Temperatures are set to favor wine preferences. That means there will be limits on how high (or low) it can go. A wine cooler is not meant to be a mini-fridge and is not ideal for storing products other than wine. Storing non-wine products in a wine cooler can also lead to unpleasant smells, and in extreme cases mold.

2. Are Zones Important?

Storing wine at the right temperature ensures its quality. Some wine coolers come with multiple zones to help store different kinds of wine. Coolers of this type are slightly larger, but worth it if you have a growing collection. At a minimum, wine drinkers should have a wine cooler that allows two zones.

3. What Are the Wine Cooler Technology Options?

The four types of cooling options are the compressor, thermoelectric, hybrid, and absorption. Consumer-grade wine coolers come in compressor and thermoelectric. Compressor cooling is more stable, while thermoelectric is vibration-free and quiet. Hybrid combines the best features of the two but is on the expensive side. Absorption coolers are meant for high-end wine, and maybe out of the price range of normal consumers.

4. Can Wine Be Placed in Any Position?

Horizontal storage is important for any wine that has a cork. This keeps the bottom of the cork from drying out and causing major problems with storage. Bottles come in all shapes and sizes, so placing a corked bottle on its side may not be an option. This is why removable racks on a wine cooler are an essential feature.

5. LED Lighting

Light can be bad for wine, making it ‘lightstruck’ and unpalatable. Modern wine coolers come with LED lights in darker, less harmful tones. Usually, these lights are customizable and can be turned completely off if you don’t want them. LED lighting is solid, and will last you for the lifetime of the product without needing to be changed.

6. Where Can the Cooler Be Placed?

Before buying a wine cooler, pay attention to how the doors open. They are sold as left or right hinged doors, with some being reversible. If you have space, fancier versions have French doors. To further customize the door types, consumers can opt to have doors that match their kitchen décor. This is not available for all models, and only some brands support this.

Wrap Up

Your wine cooler setup should be just as important as your wine collecting. It takes some dedication to get everything to meet your personal tastes. Once everything is in sync, you can enjoy the greatest wines in the world.

Image Credits: Rodrigo Abreu

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