Features and Benefits of Conversational Artificial Intelligence

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Customer service departments are at cutting edge of many technological developments. In this domain, success is based on the value-added by communicating and solving the needs of the consumer with a better response time.

This technology has made a remarkable transformation in the way businesses communicate with consumers. Integrating AI solutions with a business’s messaging service provides more sales and offers better customer service.

Conversational AI solutions play a vital role in this sector with chatbots that are capable of providing conversations similar to that of humans.

The successful implementation of conversational AI actually is dependent on many factors such as the technology which you prefer, the application, and performing a detailed analysis before and after implementation.

Even though the technology by itself is very effective and powerful, the benefits that it could yield and the impact that it could make on the consumer is purely dependent on the features and specifications of the application.

The algorithms or methods used in AI system applications are Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding(NLU), Natural Language Generation (NLG).

Conversational AI System is a combination of information engineering and artificial intelligence along with discipline and linguistics to bring natural language capability to machines.

This technology could listen, respond, and automate certain types of repetitive actions based on the interaction of the user and could benefit both the customer and the business in many ways, such as:

Instant Replies

With service centers, the agents can respond to one customer at a time, but when making use of conversational AI solutions, it could answer thousands of customers at the same time.

This makes a huge impact on the customer since they feel they are having super-fast and instant replies. It creates a better image of the brand in the minds of customers that hugely benefits the business.

Always Available

According to studies, over half of all customers need the business to be available and running 24/7 without any downtime. The one big problem they face is to wait for customer service representatives to answer their queries.

By enabling chatbots this problem can be resolved, providing instant replies to the customer throughout day and night. But one main issue at this point in time is, how well your bots can understand and solve the queries of the user.

Bots that are not capable of handling and solving a simple request will fail terribly even if it is available all the time. And make sure the bots are always available online and not down due to any security issues or maintenance is a responsibility of the business.


Consistency is another big concern when it comes to customer service centers that are operated by human representatives.

The answers or solution to a customer query could vary from representative to representative, depending on their knowledge and how well they understand the customer’s concern. This issue is sorted using AI, which provides the same replies to every customer with any specific need or query.

Patience to the core

Patience is key for a customer service representative. They would need to answer a large number of customers within a day, and continue the same with the next day and the days further.

So there is a high possibility that a representative might lose his patient while dealing with a customer’s query. This is a human-faced failure and nothing much can be done to resolve this issue for a representative.

But with AI, patience is a top-notch benefit that could be obtained easily. Even Though handling a numerous number of customers, the solutions or the way it replies wouldn’t change.

Personalized customer service

Customer service representatives would have no time to get prepared before attending your call, but AI has the capability to read the background information available about any customer along with their recent chat history or interactions.

This could benefit from providing more personalized service to the customer. To conclude, customers rarely get in communication with a business.

Conversational AI solutions can provide better and enhanced customer service when compared to a representative working in a customer service center.

It could provide detailed and actionable reports of customer’s pain points and issues that could help the business in improving their products and services according to the customer’s experience. Chatbots increase the rate of customer data, hence resulting in an increased rate of sales.

It is the optimal tool for businesses to learn customer expectations and try and implement strategies to meet those expectations.

When you are ready to build or enable a conversational AI solution for your business, explore this ecosystem and know about the latest technology that is available in the market and the ample amount of benefits that it could provide.

Based on the research and the need of your business, choose a solution that would be an appropriate fit for the business.

Image Credits: Mohamed Hassan

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