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It can be difficult working out your own reliable horse racing tips. This is mostly due to the sport of horse racing being so extensive and consisting of so many variables, which come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s how much the horse weighs or its past experience of making successful jumps, there’s so many things that come into play with identifying a horse that’s worth tipping.

When far less knowledgeable people attempt to have a bet on the horse racing action, it can feel like you’re picking a name out of a hat, especially when you’re lacking in the crucial insight needed to get behind a horse you feel you can rely on. For those who do feel puzzled when trying to create their own horse tips, The Winners Enclosure is a good site to turn to, as they provide their own free horse racing tips as well as previews and information surrounding all of the biggest races.

Key factors to consider before making your own horse tips:

Statistics and form

Looking into recent results in the race you’re betting on is surely the first step to take. You need to work out the sorts of horses who’ve previously won in the race you’re backing in order to heighten your chances of backing the next winner.

If you fail to properly research the race you’re betting on and the horse you’re getting behind, you could be backing a strong favourite to win a race but miss a crucial fact, like that it maybe isn’t the best jumper or can’t go the distance. No bet is ever certain to go your way, but you can at least back a reliable tip in doing a background check first.

Free horse racing tips sites

It could easily be seen as the weakest of all tips for getting started on betting on horse racing but there’s every chance that this could be decisive in you working out some worthwhile horses to get behind. Through looking at the current recommended bets from sites like The Winners Enclosure, you’ll be able to see what a more experienced horse racing tipster is backing on a given day.

We aren’t saying you should scrap your own horse tip if TWE aren’t going for the same one as you, but if they are then it’s a sign you’re on the right track. You could even back The Winners Enclosure’s tips from the start rather than working out your own, but that’s up to you and depends on how much faith you have in going it alone.

Bookie odds

Loads of different bookmakers specialise in producing the strongest odds for betting on horse racing. A few of the biggest bookies will come to mind but it’s worth forgetting who the best-known ones are and going for the best price for your bet ahead of all else. Some will have special incentives such as offering a few places if you’re backing your bet each way, so shop around before placing your bet.

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