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Joint Photographic Experts Group or JPG is a frequently used image format for digital cameras and the internet. On the other hand, a Portable Document Format or PDF is widely known for its high capability of viewing, sharing, and printing files without issues.

Many people want to convert JPG images to PDF, but it can be difficult to choose between all the file converters online. Luckily, PDFBear is here to help you.

How to Convert JPG Images to PDF Document

PDFBear offers a range of file converter and editing tools. Speaking of which, here are the steps on how to convert JPG to PDF online and for free.

Visit the PDFBear Website

All of PDFBear’s services are performed on the cloud servers, so there is no need to install any offline software. To access the platform, you will have to visit the PDFBear website. Go to your device’s web browser and search for ‘PDFBear.’ On the home page, click on the ‘JPG to PDF’ button to use the online converter tool.

Upload Image Files

Since PDFBear is online, you need to upload the images that you wish to convert. If you’re using a computer, you can drag the JPG images and drop them to the site’s uploading area. Alternatively, click the ‘Select Files’ button and pick the image files from your laptop or mobile phone. The online converter tool also works for TIFF, BMP, and PNG formats.

Start the JPG to PDF Conversion

The files that you have uploaded will be sent directly to PDFBear’s servers, so you can convert them with ease. Once you have uploaded your images, you can start the JPG to PDF conversion by clicking the ‘Convert to PDF’ button and wait for the progress bar to complete. The process only takes a few minutes and you will have high-quality PDFs.

Download and Save the PDF File

The last step to complete the process is to save the PDF document to your laptop or Android device by clicking the ‘Download’ button. If you wish to save a copy of your file to the cloud, you can share it to you Google User Drive or Dropbox. You can also send it to your friends via email.

The Importance of Converting JPG to PDF

There are many reasons why you might want to convert JPGs to PDFs. Here are a few you might want to consider:

Save Storage Space

JPG files vary in size depending on the resolution. PDFs compress the images without affecting their quality. They also take up less storage space than JPGs.

Highly Accessible File Format

PDF is one of the most accessible formats, especially in printing documents that contain images. Even if it compresses your image files, the resolution of the printouts will not be affected.

The Advantages of Using PDFBear for JPG to PDF Conversion

Here are the advantages of using PDFBear to convert your files.

Upload Multiple Images

With PDFBear’s multi-image uploads function, you can upload multiple JPG files all at once. This will save you time and effort if you want to convert a large number of images to PDF.

Secured Conversion

Safety is PDFBear’s top priority. It has an SSL Encryption feature that secures your data throughout the conversion process. All the images that you have uploaded will be deleted after only an hour.


In terms of compatibility, PDFBear is one of the most recommended online file converters. It works on any computer that runs Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems. You can also access its services with your Android devices.


Equipped with all these unique and satisfying features, PDFBear is undoubtedly brilliant and reliable. Edit and modify your files as much as you want. With PDFBear, converting JPG images to PDF documents is easier than ever.

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