Fun Things to Try Out in a Bachelorette Limo Setting

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Apart from being probably one of the ultimate experiences of your life, a limo bachelorette is a hell of a lot more fun than a generic bachelorette party at a booked nightclub or hotel. Whether this is your very own bachelorette or not, you’re going to be a part of this experience and you will need to make it larger than life and truly memorable for you to actually get a tiny slice of what true heaven is all about. You can combine it with a marquee nightclub free entry option and make it more fun for all. Surely there is no end to the number of ideas one can come up with regarding a bachelorette, but this list is specifically in the case of a limo :-

  • Pop a balloon: So this is the way it works – each and every one of your friends gets a balloon along with a task at hand. That task could be anything wacky and out of the ordinary, like kissing a cop, asking someone to serenade for the bride to be and randomly asking strangers to help you out with dares, just to name a few. Heck, juice those brain cells a bit and you could even come up with a few of your own.
  • Truth or dare: This sort of game will truly be a test of one’s imagination since after all, all of you will have to think of options that work in the context of a moving vehicle. I mean, think about a dare that can only be done in the car. Not easy it is?
  • Limousine Scavenger Hunt: Probably one of the few games that would work ideally in a limousine setting, the main objective of the game involves looking for various items along your party route. Once you come up with a list of particular items, you could kick it up a notch by claiming that the harder the item is to find, the higher the points received. Sounds like fun? You bet it is!
  • Spot the guy: While you guys make your way through the city, you could each take turns to spot guys wearing shirts and t-shirts and then place a certain amount of drinks/shots on the person who finishes with the least number within a certain time limit. This in turn, might just end up setting the stage for a variety of other such related games.
  • No more: All your friends get a piece of paper and a pen. After each of them have written down what they will never do again after getting married, one of you will collect all papers and read each of them out loud. Whoever manages to guess each of the authors of the paper wins a prize.

One thing to remember is that this sort of bachelorette does have a slight edge over the normal ones simply because all of you will be in a much more confined space thus spending a lot more time together compared to a typical party where you’d probably just hang out with your own friend circle as opposed to introducing yourself to people you’ve never met before. It’ll definitely be a lot more fun in more ways that you can think of.

Bachelorettes in Limo with Red Beer Cups

Being with everyone present at the bachelorette at all times does provide an interesting and fun opportunity to make new friends and bond with strangers as well. Even if you happen to be an introverted person, letting loose just for one night might just be the best thing you ever did to yourself. If you are going to plan a limo bachelorette, talk to a service provider who owns a fleet of silver service taxis in Melbourne. He might as well offer a limo at cheaper rates.

Image Credits: Sacramento Limousine, bachelorette101

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