Golf Laser Rangefinder vs GPS – Which Is Better?

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There was quite a difficult aspect to playing golf in the past. That was measuring the distance to the next flag. Thankfully, this has become quite simple with the introduction of various types of gadgets that golfers use in this modern era. Two of the most popular gadgets in this category are the laser rangefinders and the GPS. However, many golfers still find it difficult to decide which one to use while playing golf on a golf course. It is true that these come with their own positive and negative points. If you can find out about these points, it will help you choose the right gadget to use on a golf course to measure the exact distance to the next golf flag.

Golf GPS

One of the most popular gadgets used by modern age golfers is a GPS. These gadgets are quite pocket-friendly and you will find multiple GPS apps that can be used on both Android and iOS smartphones. A single standalone GPS system can cost somewhere around $100. However, there are several costly and feature rich GPS devices in the market, as well. One of the best features of a GPS is that it takes a wide range of forms. You can use a GPS on your phone, your watch, hat clip, and even a tablet.

This means that you can use whichever gadget is convenient for you to carry around on a golf course. A GPS unit also gives you plenty of information that are quite useful for a golfer. However, when it comes to accuracy, GPS falters a bit. Although several modern GPS systems are much better in terms of accuracy, there are still instances when the accuracy is questionable.

Golf Laser Rangefinders

The popularity of laser rangefinders is growing amongst golfers simply because it is highly accurate with its readings. These gadgets are usually accurate to within a yard and some even provide great accuracy to even half or tenth of a yard. Laser rangefinders can be used almost anywhere. It can be used without having to download any software in advance. However, when it comes to cost, laser rangefinders score way below GPS systems.

Even if you look for an inexpensive rangefinder, you will have to shell out around $200. Although these gadgets can last several years, there are many people who find it tough to lay out so much cash up front. Some users also complain about the time needed for a laser rangefinder to give accurate readings. You need to aim it at a target in order to get a reading. On the other hand, GPS systems work almost immediately.

It is very important for you to take some time and consider the different pros and cons of a GPS and a laser rangefinder before you decide to buy one. You also need to chalk out your own budget before you can decide which one to choose. If you are a first timer at playing golf, it is better to go for a GPS system. It will not cost you much and it will also help you play properly.

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