Here’s What You Need to Know About Temp Agencies

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Thinking about applying for a temp agency? There’s a lot of amazing benefits of working for one, but it order to find out if it’s the right career move for you, you need to learn more about them! Luckily for you, we’ve compiled all the necessary information you need to know about temp agencies before sending in your application. Read on to learn more!

What are Temp Agencies and How Do They Work? Must-Have Information for Future Applicants!

How They Work

Temp agencies match prospective employees with companies. These companies pay staffing agencies to find qualified workers. Job seekers then apply for a specific job through the temp agency or they simply apply to be placed in a job of the agency’s choosing. Hired employees are thus paid by the staffing agency, not the company they work at. Moreover, job seekers do not pay temp agencies to place them in a job since they are paid by the company.

Temporary jobs usually only last a year or less. However, the limit is two years. Any longer and the temporary job must change to a permanent one.

You Can Collect Unemployment

Most temp agencies offer unemployment benefits for employees. However, you have to prove to the agency that you are involuntarily unemployed, you are seeking work, and you do not refuse job offers. Moreover, unemployment benefits are calculated based on the amount you earn in the first 12-15 months of work. If you are working regularly during this initial base period and you meet all other requirements, you will more than likely qualify for unemployment benefits.

A Temp Job Can Become Permanent

Often, if a company sees you are performing well in a temporary position, they may offer you a permanent one. This will only happen if you are successful in your job and you treat your job seriously. If you are enthusiastic, maintain strong communication, adapt to the company’s culture, and get to know others in the workplace, your chances will be exponentially increased.

If you are interested in staying with a company on a permanent basis, it’s okay to mention to the employer that you are looking for a permanent position. If the company is looking for a new employee, the employer is more likely to keep you in mind if they know you will be interested. However, don’t be pushy. Any sort of aggressive behavior will turn away opportunities.

How to Get a Temp Job

To get a temp job, you first have to apply to temp agencies. You can apply to more than one at a time to increase your chances of finding work. Next, you will likely be called in for a staffing agency interview. There, you should be as honest as possible so the agency can place you in the right position. If you don’t make a good impression, however, they may not recommend you for any temp positions.

If you do well, there will likely be follow-up interviews for specific positions they may place you in. Eventually, you will start work in a temporary position. In most cases, after that position ends, the agency will look for new opportunities for you.

Find a Temp Agency Today!

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