Home Maintenance Tips to Help Prepare for Winter

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Fall is a pivotal time of year, as it presents the perfect conditions to prepare for the harsh cold of winter. While the air is crisp and the landscape is changing into a beautiful color palette, take the time to care for your home.

Add home maintenance to your to-do list this season, and rest warm and cozy in a home you know will get you safely through the winter weather ahead. Here is a brief look at a few steps you can take to properly prep and maintain your home for the upcoming winter months.

Change the direction of your ceiling fans

The old rule of thumb that warm air rises comes into play when you know winter weather is on its way. Change the direction of your ceiling fans so that the blades are pulling the air from up high to down low.

On the flipside, in the summer, you want your fans to pull the cooler air up from the floor. There’s usually a smaller chain or a switch on your device that will shift the direction of the blades.

Service your furnace and thermostat

Your furnace and thermostat should go through a full and thorough check before the cold temperatures set in for the season. Have a professional service your furnace to make sure your system is ready to keep your family warm all winter.

Regarding your thermostat, take the time to install a programmable unit. Programming your thermostat to adjust on its own to the temperature changes outside will help you save money on energy bills through the winter.

Fix up the windows and doors

Fall is a great time to check out your windows and doors. Make sure there are no air drafts getting through, so your heater doesn’t have to work overtime to keep you and your family warm through the winter.

If you feel any noticeable drafts coming from around your windows and doors. Investigate what it will take to fix the issue, and take action.

Time to close down the swimming pool

With fall well on its way, it’s time to get the pool ready to lie dormant for a bit. Drain most of the water from the pool to keep from creating a huge ice cube during the winter.

If freezing temps hit while your pool is still full of water, the ice could do some pretty extensive damage to the inside of your swimming hole. Also, make sure to safely and securely cover your pool, so no foreign objects or people can fall in while it’s closed.

Clean out the gutters and downspouts

Fall brings to the table a flood of falling leaves and debris that can set up shop in your home’s gutters and downspouts.

If you don’t clean the debris from your gutters, the winter weather can freeze and refreeze the blockage causing damage to the structure of your gutters. It’s best to start with a clean slate, and get up there to clean out those gutters.

Image Credits: Moja Msanii

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