Home Maintenance Tips You Can’t Live Without

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You likely hope to live in the house you worked so hard to purchase for at least ten years or more.  To achieve that goal, you’ll have to make sure you keep up with the regular maintenance on your home.

Home maintenance doesn’t come innately, so not everyone knows exactly what to do to keep their home in good repair.  If you’re looking for a little direction, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at this brief collection of home maintenance tips every homeowner can’t live without, and start taking care of your property today.

Monthly maintenance tips

Some common maintenance tasks should be performed at least once per month for optimal performance/cleanliness.  For instance, your interior air filters should be changed once a month to keep the strain low on your HVAC unit.

Clean and check the grout or caulking around your bathtub/shower once a month.  Check to make sure your toilet’s bolts are secured to the ground to keep buildup from ruining seal, and check to make sure your fire extinguishers are fully charged.

Maintenance for spring and fall

Once in the spring and once in the fall, you should take a thorough look at the state of your roof, the chimney, and the flashings.  Check to see if there is any evidence of leaks or other damage that could lead to leaks.

The fall and spring months are also a great time to trim back trees and hedges.  Make sure your foliage isn’t interfering with power lines or the structure of your home.  Take the time to look around your foundation for cracks as well.

While you’re inspecting the various elements of your home, turn your eyes to the weather stripping around your doors and windows.  Repair any damaged caulking and add a fresh coat of paint to make them good as new.

Yearly maintenance to be performed

Every year, your home’s cooling and heating system needs to be cleaned and serviced.  Contact an air conditioning maintenance professional to make certain you get the most life out of your system.

In addition, if your home has a fireplace, you’ll need to have it inspected and cleaned once per year to keep from having problems with buildup.  Neglecting your fireplace can cause an added fire hazard when you decide to light it up again.

Winter tasks around your home

When winter is on the horizon, there are things you can do prep your home for the cold weather ahead.  For example, secure covers on your outside water spigots to avoid freezing of your water lines.

Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear.  Built-up debris in your gutters could free and cause damage to the structure. Investing in a gutter guard replacement is a good idea to future proof and minimize your winter tasks.

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