How Content Creators Can Expand Their Online Brand

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Content creators have navigated their way to developing real careers online. But the truth is that the term ‘content creator’ is as wide a term as referring to a company as a ‘marketing business,’ when in truth a marketing firm can offer tremendously different services based on their specialism.

For instance, large streamers on platforms like Facebook Gaming, Twitch and YouTube Gaming draw in tens of thousands of viewers every stream, while cooking YouTubers can have millions of subscribers and benefit as a result. Using third-party donation and crowdfunding services, as well as being registered with the correct Ad programs can help them earn a good living, and it’s why so many people are aiming to chase this career path, earning from producing the kind of content they love.

Content creators looking to expand their online brand, naturally, and as a business, are often heralded as the intelligent ones, but really they’re just following business management discipline 101. In this post, we’ll discuss how that can be, what techniques they use, and how you can grow your platform to the next level:


Networking works for businesses, and it also works for those running their own competent online brand. Working with other creators, featuring in their videos, providing insight, or inviting them as part of a group project can not only help you subsume one another’s communities but help you learn something from their process. This way, you both feed back further legitimacy to one another’s platform, which helps you grow and appeal to more people.

Pushing Smart Advertising

It’s good to advertise your brand much like a firm would, and with the best Google Ads agency, leveraging this kind of marketing potential to those who are most likely to respond to it (in a targeted fashion) will bear real fruit. Smart advertising can also come in the form of taking out sponsored social media posts, posting semi-regularly on social media, and running special events and promotions for certain additions, such as a patron crowdfunding page, to give a range of benefits on top of that. You may even benefit by developing and selling merchandise, which of course, spreads your brand name into the real world.

Leveraging All Content Types

While your main profile may be situated on one type of website, it’s smart to leverage all content types that you feel comfortable using. For instance, a video creator that runs live streams and a live Q&A can gain donations from their audience, while those who post on Instagram and Twitter can keep their audience updated regarding when new content is produced, or can interact with those supporting them. Some even use apps like TikTok to raise their profile given how many are using that website (at the time of this writing, it has overtaken Google). This gives you more chance of both growing and staying relevant.

With this advice, we believe content creators looking to expand their brand will be of the righ mindset – provided they also work hard and stay grateful.

Image Credits: Ivan Samkov

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