How Do People Land Their Dream Jobs?

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Are you happy in your job?

The Work Happiness Score study run by Indeed shows the sad reality of millions of British employees. Over one-third of UK workers report feeling miserable in their jobs. Some even experience lasting unhappiness and stress, which impacts their mental and/or physical wellbeing. Whether they take their work frustration on their partners or suffer from insomnia, work unhappiness can have serious consequences.

Why? Because it’s never just a job. There’s no switch you can turn off after work. The stress you experience at work stays with you even outside office hours. More importantly, it feels disheartening to head back to the same stressful environment day after day. The job you don’t like turns into torture you must endure to be able to pay the bills. Frankly, when career turns into a survival game, resigning is not always an easy option. People don’t know whether they’ll find another job that recognises their skills or whether they will be happy in a new position.

This begs a crucial question: how do some professionals manage to find their dream jobs?

They trust talented recruiters

When you are looking for your next career step, you want to have recruiters on your side who get you. It is not uncommon for headhunters to focus on the commission they get paid by the employer rather than the employee’s happiness. When this happens, you can struggle to get your voice heard. Instead, it can be beneficial to find professional agencies that deliver qualified global recruitment solutions suited for both companies and jobseekers. In a global context, you can even find that the best-suited career move for you is in an international company. Your background, skill sets, and experience can make you a valuable asset in a different market. So, it can be a good idea to discuss new markets at an industrial and geographic level with recruiters.

They build a solid network

Your network acts as a trampoline you can use to bounce to the next position and climb the hierarchy ladder. You can gain in-depth knowledge of your industry and related sectors through your professional relationships. As such, having a strong network can prove highly useful:

  • To hear about position openings before they get official
  • To get to know the right people in your industry
  • To get noticed by the right people
  • To find advocates who will promote your skills

They create noticeable content

Being seen is half the battle in the recruitment industry. Making yourself a desirable candidate even before applying can be the key to attracting the right roles.

Noticeable content is not the same as viral content. Noticeable content in the professional sector can exist in different categories, such as:

  • LinkedIn articles
  • Engaging on Twitter or LinkedIn threads to explain concepts
  • Publishing on specialist platforms as an expert — platforms such as Hootsuite or other industry-relevant platforms encourage their members to make content contributions
  • Sharing how-to videos on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube

As a rule of thumb, noticeable content is informative, helpful, and industry-focused. This type of content is more likely to get noticed by recruiters in the same sector.

Landing in your dream job has nothing to do with knowing the right person. On the contrary, it is all about ensuring that the people you want to impress know you. Getting known with the help of your network, a professional recruiter, or your informative industry content is precisely why will ensure that you and your employee are on the same wavelength.

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