How Major Brands are Changing the Perspective on Flip Flops

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Summer is just around the corner and if you are one of those beach bums who love to feel the cool air on your toes on a hot summer day, then there is a high chance that you own at least a pair of flip flops. Today, there are already a whole lot of brands of flip flops, and there are even those custom flip flops which enable you to express yourself by way of your pair of flip flops. The existence of flip flops date back to at least 4,000 BC when these flip flops were made by the Egyptians and the materials used were papyrus and palm fronds. The modern American flip flops, on the other hand, did not gain popularity up until the end of World War II. This was the time when the returning soldiers have brought them back from Japan.

Those bright colored flip flops that you are seeing today goes by the brand known as Havaianas, and these flip flops are made by Alpargatas. The sales of flip flops have outlasted the sales of sneakers in the year 2006, and by 2010, the Alpargatas was already selling at 150 million pairs each year.

In the midst of all of these flip flop craze, another brand came into existence which aimed at providing the consumers with high-quality, premium flip flops which can be worn in any sort of occasion from the beach to dinner. The brand is also planning to come up with more support than just the ubiquitous flat version.

They are also becoming more focused on sustainability. There are brands that are tapping into the grassroots level, one brand even celebrates the spirit of “Aloha” because the brand is rich in Hawaiian history. They wanted to represent authentic Hawaiian culture through their brand. They emphasized the sustainability is the main driver which made them who they are today. The flip flops, as much as possible, should come from materials that are naturally sustainable and are not giving a negative impact to the environment, without sacrificing the quality and the comfort that it promises to offer to the customers.

These entrepreneurs did not just rise up overnight. Every brand has their own story and one brand even claimed that the reason why they were able to build up their brand is through the first-hand experience of their customers who loved them and wanted to share their brand. There are brands today who are closely working with the fans of the brand on various social media channels to showcase not only the brand but also of the essence behind the brand.

Of course, with the various economic shifts that the world is facing today, chances are the materials of producing the flip flops will tend to either go up or down. Either way, the price of the product should be protected as much as possible. This is one way of effectively maintaining good partnerships with your customer.

Every brand is unique and they integrate different kinds of innovation which can accommodate the different needs of the market. And as the market grows, the brand should also grow. It should be able to satisfy the needs of its market to be able to sustain them and in the long run obtain a higher share in the market through product diversification.

If you decide to channel your love for flip flops into something where you can also earn money, then you might want to decide to start a business in making flip flops. So, if you have a creative spirit then you can start your running your business at home by trying to make customized flip flops on fit for various occasions. But all, of course, you will have to start with the necessary steps to formally start a flip flop business.

The first thing you will need to do to register your business with the regulatory authorities so that you will have no problems with your compliance. Then, the next thing is to research different flip flop business models so that you can determine how you will sell the flip flops that you have made. One of the most common ways to sell your flip flops is by creating a website. This is will enable to go gain a wider reach in the market and then give you an idea as to where you are in the market. With this, you will then be able to gather different sorts of strategies to be able to keep up if not overcome your competitors.

You should also be able to determine the current trends in the market so that you will not be left out from other flip flop sellers. And to further have a competitive advantage, you should also find a cheap source of flip flops and the necessary craft supplies. This is so that you can price your items strategically without having to sacrifice your profits. So as much as possible, you will need to purchase your supplies as inexpensively as possible. You should also keep in mind that the quality is still going to be acceptable to your customers, because what good will cheap materials so if you do not have any market to sell it to. If you are still unsure about how your business is going to perform, then you might want to purchase less and sell them at lower prices than those prevailing ones without compromising profit.

From your creation, you can choose a selection of flip flops which can then showcase your various designs. This will enable your customers to have a choice on the items that they are going to buy.

Ultimately, when you are setting up your flip flop business it is important that you have your presence both on the internet and the physical stores. If you are selling online, it is recommended that you use payment processors like PayPal so that the customer will have a choice as to their payment options. And when you are selling through booths, then it is also recommended that you have other payment options also aside from cash.

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