How Managers Should Handle a Tough Work Environment

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As managers, we sometimes end up in really difficult situations. Either the entire work environment is tough to handle for one reason or another, or occasionally a sticky situation will arise that can make your life really difficult.

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Besides the situations mentioned above, there are other ways to handle the work environment whether you are in an office, a factory, or even handling a remote team. We’d like to help you by sharing our best tips today.

Tip #1: Handling Rude Employees

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Unfortunately, just about every manager is going to find themselves in situations where they have to deal with rude employees. But you have to keep your composure and practice a measure of decorum. You can’t get angry, upset, or even aggrieved, at least not in front of the staff.

There are a wrong way and a right way to deal with rude employees.

First, you should acknowledge their rudeness instead of ignoring their behavior. You do not condone it and you’ll let the employee know.

Next, deal directly with the person being rude to you and address it head-on. Tell them that they need to modify their behavior or they can find another job.

Last but certainly not least, act as a good role model in front of the rest of your staff. Do not stoop to their level and act like a rude jerk back to them. Take the higher road and continue to show professionalism, self-control, compassion, integrity, and empathy to everyone you come into contact with.

Tip #2: Managing Office Curmudgeons

Just about every office across America has at least one curmudgeon. Guess what? He happens to be on your team and you get to be his manager from now on. Yeah! Not exactly.

You may never know why this person is so miserable all the time. You may never be able to understand their grumpiness, why they complain, and why they never act like a team player. But here’s what you do have to understand…

You’ll need to talk to this person on a regular basis and you’ll have to get them to become an active member of your team. Communication is crucial with curmudgeons, so speak to them with honesty, sincerity, and ask them to change their negative ways.

How so? Ask them to come up with a solution. They know why they are so miserable at work, so give them the opportunity to solve their own problems.

Tip #3: Handling Raises

Sometimes your employees are going to come to you and ask for a raise. As a manager, it may be your job to recommend whether or not a certain employee should get a bump up in salary.

If the person in question doesn’t deserve a raise, you’ll need to tell them as gently and politely as you can. Try not to get them upset and instead speak to them very positively but tell them that a raise is just impossible at this time.

Final Thoughts

Managers are going to find themselves in difficult and sticky situations from time to time. And if it’s a tough work environment, the situations may arise quite regularly. Instead of making the wrong choice, we recommend using the information we’ve shared today as a guideline. You can diffuse any difficult situation if you put your mind to it, so work hard to keep your employees happy, safe, and grateful to work for you.

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