How Secure is Your Business?

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There are many ways to establish a security net for your business to keep you running and protect your interests should disaster strike. Read on for a list of the different ways you can protect your business from physical, cyber, or legal catastrophes.

Physical Security

This applies whether you have a physical storefront, offices or just warehouses

These days a lot of businesses have limited cash on site but there are still lots of other valuables that could be stolen. Even if you don’t have physical products, criminals can take office furniture and technology to sell. If you’ve ever bought a photocopier, you’ll realise how expensive a lot of this equipment is and understand why there is a resale market.

To prevent this look into security alarm monitoring services. Look for ones that make use of high-grade technology and boast a fast response team that can take immediate action.

Cyber Security

Today it is near impossible for a business not to have some sort of online presence. This may be a website used to sell and advertise your services or it could be There are several ways of managing cyber security for your business. This is especially important for keeping both your business and customers’ data safe from attacks and misuse.

These factors all lead to the more general necessary protocol of following the law.

Following Legal Requirements

What you will need to do will vary depending not only on the country you are based on but also where you are transacting business for example if you are constructing any trade within the EU or EEA you will need to consider GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation.) compliant. This is important for the legal security of your business. This can be both physical and online data.

Health and Safety

You also need to check that your workplace is following the health and safety requirements applicable to your area. Here are some ways this can apply…

Firstly, you want to ensure that your staff are being well looked after and safe in their working environments. Obviously, you care about your employees and want them to be safe but this also has more practical business benefits of avoiding legal ramifications and losing staff to injury or sickness.

Another aspect is ensuring that your staff have all the appropriate training and checks to work with members of the public. This is especially important if you are working with children, or if your products or services require training to use safely. Additionally running background checks before hiring someone can ensure they have the right to work and you won’t be facing problems later down the line.

Business Insurance

One final thing, and arguably the most important, is getting business insurance to cover all aspects of your company. This is essential for protecting yourself, customers, employees, and products from theft and damage. Whilst following all the advice above will help you minimise the risks, the worse can still happen and so you don’t want to realise you’ve forgotten the safety net too late.

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