How Students Can Get Rid of Bad Habits

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Everyone in the world has one or several habits that they would like to break and replace them with good ones. The great challenge is how to break these habits especially when they tend to control our life. This article shall discuss various steps a student can use in order to be able to break or get rid of bad habits.

Write the Bad Habits Down

Write the bad habits down

This will help the student to be able to identify the bad habits that they need to get rid of and be in a position to be able to identify which habit to eradicate first.

Get rid of one habit at a time

The student should identify the worst habit out of them all and start with it. It is easier for the student to break the other bad habits, if they are able to get rid of one habit at a time.

Time For Change

Know the triggers

The student should identify what triggers the bad habits and try as much as possible to stay far away from those reasons. In case it is a place that triggers the habits they should avoid it. This will enable them not to be able to continue engaging in those habits.

Team up with a friend and quit together

If the student has a friend or a family member who has the same habits, they should join hands and get rid of the habit together.

Decide on a substitute

The student should look for another good substitute habit to take up so as to be able get distracted and not engage in the bad habit.

Avoid toxic people

Student should spend a lot of time with like-minded people who will encourage him or her to get rid of the bad habit and embrace a good habit. The student should also avoid toxic people and start looking for friends with the good behavior that they want to acquire.

Make barriers

This will help control the way the student engages in the bad habit and with time reduce it completely.

Celebrate success

When they get rid of one bad habit they should celebrate this with a friend. The student should be very patient with the eradication of the bad habits and remain positive throughout.

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