How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”

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This question may seem intimidating, and sometimes it is, for both sides (imagine if you are the interviewer and have to ask this question). Well, if you put that fast-forward, intimidating feeling aside, you are actually in luck, at least if you play your cards right.

The truth is that there is no better chance for you to own the situation and sell yourself and skills to the hiring manager. Your job is to underline these skills and deliver them better than the other candidates.

Here three primary strategies to use to cover such a question:

#1. The problem solver

Quite often, companies open new positions because they have a problem(s) that need to be solved. Use your knowledge about the company, add the essentiality of the job position you are applying for, and estimate if your hiring manager is looking for a problem solver.

Sometimes, you don’t have enough information to play around with, and sometimes the hiring manager doesn’t know they need a problem solver, sometimes it’s just a test interview that has no other purpose than checking the available applicants.

The point is, you can go for this strategy without being assured the company is looking for a problem solver. When undertaking this strategy, you should get straight to the point. Don’t talk about previous experience much and focus your efforts on the future.

#2. The intersection

Another way to attach this question is to intersect what is in it for both parties – you and the hiring manager. What you want to achieve here is to assure your interviewer that you are an enthusiastic employee who has the skill set for the position and will be motivated to do something meaningful. This may be a bit tricky, and many people turn to interview preparation services that practice this and other efficient ways to navigate a job interview.

What’s tricky with this approach is not to forget about yourself. Don’t just list the benefits for the employer and open up your cards on what is in for you. This gives insight into why you will stay motivated after being hired.

#3. The company expert

Whenever you are being asked “why should we hire you” this is actually “why should we hire you over everyone else” kind-of-question. If you are in the part of the interview where you have already spelled out your skills and experience, a great approach is to show what is so special about you and what the other applicants don’t have.

The only way to do that is by showing an in-depth knowledge of the business which requires detailed company research. When done correctly, this approach shows that you will be easier to train than other candidates, it gives away excitement for the position, and this also demonstrates how you handle something you invested in.

Just like any other interview question, the demanding “why should we hire you” strike has the purpose of finding what’s in you that is worth hiring, especially compared to the other applicants. Think about these three strategies, and if you ever get asked this question at a job interview, you will nail it!

Image Credits: Amy Hirschi

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