How to Choose a Conditioner for Your Hair Type

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Beautiful hair means healthy hair, and its condition can only be maintained with proper and meticulous hair care. Mild shampoo is essential, but no woman can nourish her hairstyle without a conditioner. Which conditioners deserve your attention and how should you use them to get the best results?

What Does a Hair Conditioner Do?

The main function of a hair conditioner is to retain the moisture in your hair. This role is all the more important because every time you wash your hair, you strip it of its naturally protective sebum. The effect of conditioners depends on their composition, which may include water-retaining humectants like glycerol, sorbitol, propylene glycol, and oiling agents like essential oils. There are also conditioning products that protect hair from external factors, including chlorine, UV light, pollution and the effects of heat styling. While conditioners do not increase the moisture content of your hair, they can regenerate it. So, if you have dry, badly damaged hair, choose conditioners that contain substances, such as ceramides, amino acids or keratin, that penetrate the hair structure. Do you want to have long healthy-looking hair? Human hair wigs are always a good idea!

Which Conditioner to Use?

The conditioner should be chosen according to your hair type. However, every woman is advised not to use products containing parabens or alcohols. Good cosmetics of this type will be characterized by a relatively short, valuable composition, and it is worth looking for oils, butters, pentanol, proteins, or aloe vera. Choosing a conditioner for your hair type is made easier by the manufacturers themselves, who specify the action or purpose of their products. Conditioners for dry hair should be rich in humectants, and those for coloured hair in colour-protecting agents. This does not mean that we should completely rely on the recommendations of these companies, which deals with the composition of cosmetic formulas. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know which substances work best for your hair type. For dry hair, it is aloe vera, shea butter, vegetable oils, and panthenol. Damaged hair is nourished by ceramides, proteins, and oils. Avoid conditioners with waxes, silicones, or paraffin for curly hair.

Which is the Best Conditioner?

The best conditioner is a product tailored to your hair type and characterized by the shortest possible natural composition, which should not contain any drying substances. Although silicones are meant to make combing your hair easier, it is best to avoid them too as they weigh hair down, only seemingly making it look better. If we are mindful about how the cosmetics we use affect the environment, then we should also choose eco-friendly and biodegradable conditioners. Vegan conditioners, which are made from plant-based ingredients and are not tested on animals, are also becoming a real beauty hit.

How Should You Use a Conditioner?

The correct way to use a hair conditioner usually comes down to applying the product to wet, shampooed hair and rinsing it out after a certain amount of time. However, there are a few rules that determine the effectiveness of conditioners. First, conditioners should not be used on wet hair. It is best to towel-dry washed hair beforehand, as excess water will cause the conditioner to run off your hair. Secondly, such products should be applied a few inches away from the roots and not directly onto the scalp. Even the best conditioners should be used alternately. Why? The hair tends to get used to a certain type of conditioner and over time, it does not react as well as it did at first.

The hair dryer is traditionally touted as the biggest enemy to healthy hair. While there’s a lot of truth in that statement, you should know that skilful use of a blow dryer can actually be good for your hair. Wet hair is prone to damage, so it’s strongly advised against going to bed with wet hair. In this case, it is much better to use a hair dryer. Be careful not to blow dry your hair with hot air as this will inevitably damage your hair. Choose the cooler air setting and do not hold the hair dryer too close to your hair. In your search for the perfect hair dryer, opt for a model with adjustable air temperature and airflow. Ionic drying will also help your hair to become more manageable and smoother.

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