How to Get Back Into a Routine After the Holidays

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The holidays are about cutting loose and spending time with the people we love. However, once we’ve had a taste of the good life, it can be tricky to revert to our usual routines. For some of us, we end up playing catch-up until the next holiday season! To get back on the horse, here’s how you can get back into a routine after the holidays.

Drink Plenty Of Water

From salty food to winter cocktails to staying up too late, your body is probably dehydrated. Dehydration can make you feel physically ill and mentally cloudy. To get back into routine faster, be sure to drink more water after the holidays as part of your self-care plan.

Your goal should be to drink half your body weight in ounces every day. Consider adding in mineral pill supplements to replenish any nutrients lost during the holidays. You will be able to think more clearly and perform better at work by prioritizing your hydration, and you might even shed some of that holiday weight without trying!

This dentist who does quality dental crowns in Tallahassee FL also adds that drinking water will help neutralize the acid in your mouth, greatly benefiting your dental health.

Take It Slow

Chances are, you have a fridge full of holiday leftovers calling your name. You can tell yourself all you want that you are back on the health train the day after Thanksgiving, but that plan is not necessarily the best course of action. Get realistic with yourself and plan instead to take things slow to achieve a healthy balance.

The most important thing is not to force yourself to do something that you’re not ready for. If you take on too much too quickly, your plans will likely end up backfiring. This effect will only cause you more stress and frustration, which will make it that much harder to get back into a routine. Take it slow so you can focus and plan better!

Work Through Things Mindfully

After some time off, you may have lost sight of how to juggle a busy day’s worth of tasks. To reignite your fire, work through your daily tasks mindfully; in other words, do things one at a time, moment by moment. To be mindful is to work through things while remaining in the present moment. Don’t worry about the other things on your to-do list when you’re working on one thing already.

The amount of work you have to get back to will seem less overwhelming if you slow down and take things task by task. Remember that the pressure you feel to get things done is entirely mental and that you can control how you perceive your stress by taking things one at a time.

Be Kind to Yourself

If you’ve noticed that you’ve gotten behind in work, gained holiday weight, or have otherwise fallen short of your goals because you decided to relax and enjoy yourself, remember that your decision to put yourself first was the right one. Self-kindness is a critical component of living a healthy lifestyle. You need to take time for yourself, even if that means you’ll need to make up for things later.

Instead of kicking yourself for putting your feet up, be kind and remind yourself that taking time off is not criminal behavior. If you don’t like how you look, be kind and remind yourself that you disregarded your weight-related goals so you could enjoy some holiday meals. You can always return to your healthy habits.

The Bottom Line

Remember to be kind to yourself and to let go of some of your stress by taking things one at a time. Use the guidelines in this article to help you get back into a routine after the holiday season.

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