How to Get the True Bachelor Party Experience Away from the City

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Organising a bachelor party, or a “stag do” as they are known in the UK, can be a tricky prospect if you’re not in a big city.

As a guy, there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll be required to get involved in someone’s pre-wedding shindig at some point in your life. Whether or not you’re chosen for the role of Best Man, it’s likely that you’ll get roped into plotting the downfall of one of your mates on one last blowout before he ties the knot.

Getting a group of guys together for a weekend of adrenaline-fuelled activity and general drunken debauchery is relatively straightforward if you’re in a major city. Just map out your route around the city’s best bars and nightclubs, perhaps throw in a casino here and there, and make sure there are some high-quality sports activities laid on during the day, and you’ve cracked it.

Anti-stag trend

But stag parties in the city have their downsides. Large groups of guys are finding it harder and harder to find a warm welcome when descending on city centre bars and pubs, with many of them adopting policies that prevent bachelor parties from gaining access.

The ‘anti-stag’ trend has driven many groups away from the city, and bachelor parties are increasingly planned as getaways in remote destinations. There are also plenty of guys for whom a stag party in the city isn’t a realistic prospect, due to the distances and costs involved in getting a gang of mates to all travel to the same city at the same time.

Fortunately, planning the ultimate bachelor party getaway can be just as much fun as arranging a city-based stag, and there are some great options to choose from when lining up the tricks and treats you want to inflict on your mate.

Take a gamble

Opportunities to spend and win some money are integral to any respectable bachelor party. But if you’ve hired a log cabin in the mountains for your blow-out, then you might need to bring the casino with you.

Fortunately, Wi-Fi availability even in remote areas has made this perfectly possible, and the advances made in online casino game technology in recent years have ensured you can get pretty close to the real thing.

New casino sites like Get Lucky offer live casino games, so all you need to do to create the casino atmosphere on your bachelor party is hook up your laptop to a big screen, and enjoy live Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat with your mates.

Raise the bar

Where we do most of our dancing in the rain

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Being miles from anywhere might mean that a bar crawl is out, but you can order kegs of beer to be delivered to your party, and have a bar installed by a technician.

Whether you and your mates drink beer, ale, cider, wine, or spirits, there are plenty of options online for making sure no one at your party goes thirsty.

Band on the run

Meatloaf Rocking Out

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Live music will make any bachelor party that bit more memorable, but if you’re throwing your stag in a camping barn in the woods, you might struggle to find a local gig night.

The solution is to bring the band to you. Many tribute acts relish the opportunity to get off the beaten gig circuit and enjoy an unusual night’s work. So why not email that Meatloaf impersonator and get your stag’s rendition of Bat Out Of Hell blasted out at the party? It’s not like you’ll have any neighbours to upset!

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