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Joining a trade show exhibit is an excellent business growth technique. Based on research, several businesses around the world participate in trade shows at least once a year. These events incorporate strategies to market several brands.

If you are just a small business owner, participating in trade show exhibits can be a massive help you. However, there are many factors that you should consider first before planning for your first exhibit.

First, you should contact the organizers who are involved in the said event. This way, you can ask them questions about what will happen and what type of people will visit.

Additionally, you should also know the exact size of the area where you will display your booth. Is there enough space for your company sign? Are electrical outlets available? You should ask these things before proceeding into the next procedures.

Once you’ve talked with the organizers and everything is clear, you can start to plan about your booth. Below are some helpful ideas to get you ready for your first trade show exhibit. Take time to continue reading to learn more.

5 Expert Tips for Your First Trade Show Exhibit

  • Promote your booth on social media

One of the best techniques in attracting visitors is to spread the word out. Fortunately, we now have social media. We can easily share our booth’s photos and information. With social media, you can easily invite new people to visit your booth. Be sure to post all the details on your account, including your booth number.

  • Make your display table attractive

If your display design does not have an eye-catching arrangement, your booth might not reach the ideal number of visitors that you’ve set. You should make sure that your table has your business logo and tagline. You can add some bright colors to make it eye-catching.

You can also provide a small board where all your products are listed and bring pictures if possible. If you’re really willing to push the boat out and make some jaws drop, renting a high quality LED display is a great addition to your booth, they’re more accessibly priced than ever before with companies like Visual Impact Productions offering decent bang for buck.

  • Welcome your visitors

We included this one as an expert tip since being friendly is the key to having a successful trade show experience. You should always greet your visitors as they approach your booth. You can also start a conversation if they are very interested in your business.

  • Provide giveaways

Another smart technique is to provide giveaways for your booth visitors. You can buy small things that people can use in their daily lives. You should place these giveaways inside your booth so people must visit your place before they can have it. You may provide magnets, pens, pencils, or anything else with your business name on it.

  • Give snacks

If you want to attract even more visitors, offering small snacks can do the trick. You may put a sticker on the snack with your brand and contact numbers on it. This way, people will remember your brand for a longer time.


Trade shows are one of the most fun experiences of being a business owner. It feels so good knowing that there’s a lot of people who are interested in the products that you offer.

We hope you learned something in this article. We can’t wait until you apply these tips in your upcoming trade show exhibits.

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