How to Host a Comedy Night In

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We all love a good old fashioned film night, but if you’re looking for a little something different for your next night in – why not host a comedy event instead?

So rather than dipping into your favourite films, you’ll select some comedy gold to watch instead, teaming this with some other fun essentials that’ll make the night one to remember.

Here are some ideas:

Choose Your Comedies

First things first, you need to choose your comedy shows wisely, which means catering to your audience’s taste.

If it’s a girls’ night in or family-friendly event, something like Friends should do the trick nicely (I mean, you just can’t beat it can you?).

Alternatively, cater for everyone (who’s a teenager and above) with shows like Rick and Morty, The Office and even the firm classic, The Simpsons.

Or, for a lads’ nights in or an adults-only comedy night, why not indulge yourself in some American Dad, Family Guy, or relive those earlier years of South Park?

The possibilities are endless here, you just need to make sure you’re catering for everyone’s taste and that no one’s going to get offended by the shows on offer.

Serve Up Some Treats

Rather than popcorn, why not swap out those treats for chips and dips and some ice cold bottles of beer. You could even serve up some nachos topped with chilli con carne and cheese as an extra special treat.

Or, for a really great twist, why not tailor your menu around the shows you’re going to watch?

For example, ‘Rick’s Rather Ravishing Ribs n’ Beer’, or ‘Morty’s Marvellous Marinated Steak.’

Add Some Gaming Fun

As comedy is all about light-heartedness and fooling around, why not ramp up the fun factor with some games?

And no, we don’t mean that bog-standard game of every time a character says a certain phrase you need to take a sip of your drink.

Instead, try creating some trivia about the comedy show that you play to the group before you start watching it. If you can think of something obscure, this is ideal.

Or, for games to play during the show, create some cards with song motifs, props, characters and catchphrases and pass them out to your guests. The winner gets a comedy-inspired prize.

Set the Tone

Unlike movie nights that are all about the dark, cinema-like setting, comedy nights want to feel relaxed and chilled. So use bean bags on the floor, massive pillows, rugs, blankets and other cushions to create a really soft, inviting space for everyone to unwind in.

Now, all you need is a guest list.

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