How To Impress Clients When They Visit Your Office

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When you’re trying to drum up more business, you might invite clients to your office from time to time. These meetings are important and it’s essential that you make the right impression. People are going to make some snap judgments about you and your company in the first few minutes of coming inside. You can undo those judgments to some extent but it’s still important that you make a good first impression. Here’s how to impress clients when they visit your office and make sure that you get their business.

Make Them Wait But Not For Too Long

Making them wait doesn’t sound like a good idea but if you’re just standing around waiting to greet them at the door, they might think that you don’t have much to do because you don’t have many customers. But obviously, it’s rude to make somebody wait for ages if you’ve got a meeting with them. The best thing to do is have somebody at reception call up to you when they arrive and then come down. That gives the impression that you’re busy, but you have time for your clients.

Keep The Office Clean

This is so important. A company that can’t even look after its office properly isn’t exactly the kind of business that people will want to work with. If you don’t take any pride in your office, how can the client be sure that you’re going to take pride in any other areas of your business? It’s also an uncomfortable environment to hold a meeting in if the office is dirty.

Decorate The Office 

The way that you set the office up says something about your company and your attitude toward business. If your office is grey and dingy and all of your employees are bored and unproductive, clients might worry about working with you. You need to show them that your office is a good place to work. It’s worth getting some plants around the office and you could even go to an art rental company to get some decoration for the office. Showing your clients that your office is a positive environment will really encourage them to give you their business.

Offer Refreshments

Your clients might have driven a long way to come and see you and you want them to be comfortable while they’re in your office. That’s why it’s a good idea to offer them refreshments. Have the receptionist offer them a drink as soon as they arrive and if they’re going to be with you all day, you need to think about offering them some food as well. People that are happy and comfortable are going to be more likely to do business with you.

Always Follow Up

After you’ve left a client with a good impression, it’s important that you follow up. You’re not the only person they’ll be meeting with and other companies are going to impress them as well. Make sure that you get in touch with them a few days after their visit to see whether they want to move forward or not. If you leave it too long, they’ll forget about you and start doing business with your rivals.

When your business is stalling and you need to kick it back into gear, meeting face to face with clients is always a good idea. But you won’t get anywhere if you don’t take these steps to impress them.

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