How to Keep Your Office More Secure

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If you’re running a business, then you likely know all too well the importance of making it as safe and secure as possible. Unfortunately, companies often have many different vulnerabilities that can be exploited. One of those vulnerabilities is your physical office space. Here are some ways to make it more secure.

Surveillance and Cameras

The best way to protect your office is to make sure that you know who is entering the property and when. Some business premises are open to the public, but you should still restrict access to certain sensitive areas to prevent theft, vandalism, or other crimes.

One way to ensure the safety of these areas is to invest in security cameras and put them in restricted areas and around entrances and exits. You don’t need them everywhere in the building, as doing this suggests that you don’t trust your employees and may impact morale. However, everything in the office will appreciate the extra level of security that cameras offer in certain areas of the building.

Cyber Security

Cybercrime is the rising concern of businesses around the world, and for good reason. The world is increasingly digitally connected and these connections provide so many opportunities for people and companies that they will only increase.

However, this shift to a digital world also opens companies up for attack. Even small businesses usually have an online presence and software is increasingly used for the administration and everyday running of businesses.

This means that important data, including personal information of employees, financial records, business plans, customer information, and other information that could be harmful in the wrong hands could be vulnerable to attack.

Every business should be aware of the danger that cybercrime presents and should take steps to deal with it. Improve your firewalls and security and regularly keep them updated, as an out-of-date system is begging for an attack. A cyber attack can also cause your systems to crash, interfering with the day-to-day running of your business.

Educate your employees about cybersecurity and safe digital practices. Regularly update your passwords. A cyber attack can cripple a company and ruin lives, so do what you can to keep your data and your people secure.

Physical Documents

While offices are moving to an increasingly paperless system, there is still a place for physical documents. Whether it’s for personal preferences or for an added layer of security, you may keep paper copies of important documents.

However, these documents present another vulnerability, especially if they have confidential information on them. This might be a contract, personal information, or financial information. Once you no longer need them, then it’s important to ensure that they are destroyed so that nobody can find the document and use the information on there.

Document shredding is a great way to keep this important information confidential and destroy the documents when they are no longer needed. Make sure that the shredder is thorough so that the document can’t be pieced together.

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