How to Make the Most Out of a TSP Cleaner

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If you have to take over a massive cleaning job or need to clean a kitchen that has been long neglected and is covered in years of grease, then this cleaner is all you need. If you have just discovered layers of grime behind your furniture and your appliances, TSP cleaner will help you get rid of it in no time. This cleaner is a quick fix to cater to cleaning jobs. Moreover, it offers all of these benefits at a very low cost. This inexpensive cleaner has many benefits to offer you, but if you do not use it correctly, it has drawbacks. You can read more about TSP cleaner here to decide whether this is the best option for the cleaning job you have at hand.

Effectiveness of the TSP Cleaner

You can make use of this cleaner for various cleaning jobs. It can help cut through layers of grease, dirt, dust, stains, and mildew on the exterior part of a building. This includes the build-up on your walls, window panelling, or roof. If you use this cleaner o help remove the dust, it will perform better than many expensive cleaners on the market.

Suppose you need to prepare any surface for a paint job. This is the right cleaner for you. It can help remove the dirt and gunk present on any surface, leaving it smooth for the fresh and new coat of paint. Moreover, if there is paint present already on any surface, this cleaner can also help peel that layer away.

This cleaner works just as well for the indoors as well. If you have gunk and grease build-up anywhere in your kitchen, this cleaner can help melt it away. The vent over the stove is normally where all the layers of grease are present; you can spray this cleaner onto the place and then watch all the dirt melt away.

Heavy appliances such as dishwashers, stoves, or washing machines are difficult to move, and often layers of grease and dust build up behind them over years since you cannot clean them every day. This cleaner comes in handy in such situations as it can remove years of build-up within minutes. If you have mould build-up on your furniture, in the attic, or In the house’s basement, mix some TSP with bleach, and all the mould or fungus will be removed immediately.

How to Prepare and Use TSP Cleaner

It is always a better option to read a product’s packaging first before using it. It will guide you about all the safety precautions you need to take. Moreover, it will also guide you about how to make the mixture and then how to apply it to the surface you are cleaning. The safe way is to mix a quarter of a cup of the TSP powder into a gallon of hot water and then stir until everything mixes completely.

You can apply the solution onto any surface directly using a sponge and start to wipe away the dirt until everything comes off. Finish by thoroughly rinsing the surface until all the dirt, and the leftover TSP comes off. Leave it to dry in either open air, or you can dry it with a towel. For the places where you cannot reach with a sponge, fill up a spray bottle with the cleaner and spray it onto the surface you need to clean. Leave it on for a few minutes and then scrub with the help of a brush. Rinse at the end to reveal the clean surface. You can read here for more information on other home maintenance ideas.

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