How to Organize Successful Corporate Team Building Events

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Team building events have become a staple part of corporate life which is no surprise, consider that they are used to strengthening the team spirit and get co-workers together in order to have fun and learn something about one another. Sometimes, organizing a successful team building event can be difficult, as people are different and everyone has different tastes and abilities, therefore it’s important to find something that all co-workers will enjoy. If you’re looking to organize one of these in the future, read on to find out the best ways to do it:

Resolve all disputes beforehand

There’s nothing worse than going to a team-building event while two or more people are in the middle of a feud that simply won’t end. Reasons for dispute are different and therefore, it’s important to resolve them so you’ll be sure that everyone can have a great time. So, a few days before the event, you can summon them to your office and try to resolve the issue in a calm and efficient manner. The last thing you need is people quarreling during the time that’s supposed to build strength and confidence among your co-workers.

Make sure that the event is suitable for everyone

Sure, paintball and some extreme sports might sound fun, but not everyone is equally athletic to take part in those activities. So, before booking the venue, make sure that everyone greenlights the choice, so you can be sure that you’ve made the right decision. Bowling, playing pool and dancing are much safer options since everyone can find something interesting to do. Team-building is supposed to bring joy and fun to the employees, so instead of trying to come up with outlandish options, it’s better to stick to something that everyone will enjoy. You can even connect with a virtual team using team building trivia questions, or if getting a larger, distributed remote team together is on the agenda, using a small business booking system might work better so you don’t need to manage RSVPs by hand.

Party is always a great option

No matter what some might say, organizing a party for your workers is always the safest bet, since, dancing, drinking and enjoying music is something that most people prefer. If you don’t know where to start, remember that private entertainment options like this will make your employees relaxed and happy. Just make sure to select the quality food and drinks that they don’t get to enjoy that often, so they’ll feel special and appreciated. Always make a thorough list of invitees and find a place that will be able to accommodate everyone without causing too much commotion.

Wine glasses

A weekend getaway is also fun

If you’re really looking to treat the employees, a short weekend trip is also a great choice. Almost everyone loves travelling, so if you decide to book a hotel in a place they’ve probably never been, make sure to present them with a wide variety of entertainment options. You don’t need to book an expensive boutique hotel, but be sure to select one that serves great food, has a pool, sauna and tennis courts, so everyone will find something interesting to do. When it comes to choosing a destination, always make sure to opt for something that’s not too far, because nobody wants to spend a good portion of their weekend travelling to their destination.

Consider a pub quiz evening

Enjoying a drink or two after work is great, but booking a pub in order to play a pub quiz can be special and fun since people can gather in teams and compete for a prize of your choice. Before you make a reservation, make sure that the pub is actually familiar with organizing pub quiz evenings, so they’ll be able to help you out with everything. There are many tips on how to come with perfect questions that everyone will enjoy answering, and also, before you pick prizes, be sure that they’re appropriate and fun. Besides competing, your co-workers will be able to enjoy drinks (beers mostly), so for extra enjoyment, you can book a place that offers a great selection of craft beers.

There’s no magic solution to organize a perfect team building event, but if you’re out of ideas, you can always create a poll and ask your employees to vote. That way you can suggest some ideas, while they’ll be the ones making the final choice. This is especially important if your team has more people. At the end of the day, whatever you choose, your employees will appreciate the fact that you’re thinking about them and trying to make them feel included and respected.

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