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Moving homes can be a stressful time, but you can reduce the amount of stress you put on yourself by packing your belongings properly. There’s nothing more frustrating than lifting a box, only to have the contents falling out of the bottom. Here are some packing tips to keep you stress-free and to keep your belongings safe during your move.

Have a Few Days Off

Take a few days off work. Get a colleague to fill in for you or hire an SEO Company Toronto to do the work so you don’t get distracted. If you don’t put your full attention towards packing, you’re more likely to lose things, leave things behind, not pack the boxes properly, and cause damage to your stuff.

Create an Inventory

Pack everything up room by room. Before you pack your belongings in boxes and suitcases, make an inventory of everything you own. Number the boxes and write which room they belong in. In your inventory list, make a note of which bags and boxes are going in your car and what is going in the moving van. If one of them goes missing on moving day, you’ll know where to look. You should also take pictures of your valuable items (jewellery, furniture, electrical devices) to document their condition before the movers arrive. Create a shareable folder on your computer so you’ll have copies of your inventory and photos on all of your devices.

Get Different Types of Boxes

Getting different boxes to move your belongings will make moving much easier. Get some boxes with dividers to pack glassware, mugs, and dishes more securely. While it may seem like a good idea to take your clothes out of the wardrobe, fold them up, and pack the hangers separately, wardrobe boxes can remove the need to do all that. Instead of packing your TV and artwork into wide boxes and using extra bubble wrap to fill in the gaps, buy some telescopic boxes. File boxes are always good to have because they have handles which make them easier to carry. For items that can all go in one box, such as bedding, towels, and toys, get some clear plastic tubs with lids. You can even get custom pre roll tubes for your vape cartridges.

Don’t Overfill the Boxes

Cramming things into larger cardboard boxes to reduce the number of boxes that require moving is not a good idea. Cardboard boxes can easily become distorted and tear, and this is how things become damaged. Get smaller, more secure double-walled boxes and don’t overpack them. Before filling the boxes, make sure they aren’t ripped and tape up the bottom for some added rigidity.

Buy Extra Packing Materials

It’s better to be over prepared than to not have enough packing materials. Buy extra rolls of tape to secure the boxes, and make sure you have plenty of bubble wrap, packing paper, binbags, and boxes. If you don’t have enough paper and bubble wrap to securely package breakable items, you can use blankets and towels to provide cushioning in the boxes.

Disassemble Bulkier Objects

Disassembling furniture and bulkier objects can make moving them more manageable and can reduce the potential for them getting damaged. Disassembling furniture can be quite tricky. Make sure you have bags, small boxes, and labels for the smaller, fiddly pieces such as screws and hex keys. If you still have the manuals for the furniture you’re disassembling, this may come in handy later when you’re putting it back together, so pack those up too. If you have heavier things that require moving or disassembling prior to moving, don’t attempt to do it yourself. Ask your friends or family members for help.

If you’re hiring Bekins Moving Solutions, they may offer to disassemble your furniture before it is put in the van and reassemble it once it is brought into your new home. Ask the moving company you choose if this is a service they offer and make sure it is in your contract.

Talk to the Moving Company

If there are some things that you’re not sure how to pack safely, then ask your moving company if they offer packing services and if they will provide the packing materials. Giving them an itemised list of what needs to be packed so that they can prepare for the move. You should also ask if they offer additional services, such as moving things up and down flights of stairs and short-term storage.

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