How to Quit Following Fashion Trends and Find Your Personal Style

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Have you noticed that your wardrobe is constantly overflowing and you can’t seem to hold on to one piece of clothing longer than a month? Somehow all those cute, trendy dresses quickly become worn out and you feel the need to buy new items. If you take a better look, you’ll notice that all those shirts and trousers look amazing, but your need to buy more is actually the consequence of fast fashion trends that come and go before we get the chance to wear that sexy python print dress twice. However, just because fashion trends tend to change faster than seasons, it doesn’t mean your budget and wardrobe should suffer. You can easily stop being a victim of trends and find your personal style you’ll stick to no matter the future trends.

Stop shopping on a whim

Instead of using your free time to look through stores and hunt for a new cute t-shirt or a pair of slippers, plan your shopping more wisely. Rather than piling up various pieces that you’ll only wear once or twice, shop strategically and less frequently. Only if you notice your trousers don’t fit anymore or they got ripped should you look for another similar pair. This is especially true if you already own three or four pairs, and you simply need another one because the newest trends promote low-rise instead of high-waisted ones.

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Don’t rely too much on influencers

While browsing through all of the influencers’ haul videos can be entertaining, it’ll only break your bank. Therefore, try to limit the time you spend listening to their advice and look for your own personal style. Learn which styles, colors and designs go best with your figure and flatter your skin tone. Just because olive green and beige are trendy, it doesn’t mean that you should go on a shopping spree and pack your wardrobe with those hues. Chances are that olive green will wash you out if your skin tone isn’t warm enough.

Shop for timeless pieces

We tend to get attracted by low prices and whimsical details on clothes, but just because the floral pattern looks great on that cropped top, it doesn’t mean it should end up in your wardrobe by all means. Timeless pieces such as a little black dress, a white shirt and a pair of cigarette pants are what you’ll be able to wear for years and even pass on to your daughter or younger siblings one day. That’s precisely why strategical shopping will pay off once you save a significant amount of money and shop Realisation clothing that offer high-quality pieces that will last for years and will not make you get tired of them within a month.

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Explore second-hand shops

Not relying too much on fashion trends is great because it’ll give you a chance to think outside the box and look for vintage pieces that will potentially look amazing on you. Don’t strive towards looking like every Instagram influencer but search for your own identity and feel free to visit second-hand stores for vintage items that will completely transform your wardrobe, making you look chic for much less money than any high-end store.

Learn to control your wardrobe

One of the reasons we don’t even get to wear certain pieces too often is because we have too many blouses, dresses and shorts that just lie in our closet and eventually don’t fit anymore or they simply don’t attract much attention after a few years of being neglected. That’s why you should try to shop only when you know for sure there’s at least one item in your wardrobe ready to go to goodwill or the trash.

Are you tired of being a fashion victim and you need a radical change? Well, with the previously mentioned tips, you’ll easily quit following fashion trends and will have no trouble finding your personal style. Just make sure you take it seriously and really dedicate yourself to changing your ways if you want to succeed.

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