How to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

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It might be cold and wet now, but that doesn’t mean that your outdoor space needs to be out of bounds. In fact, it’s a good excuse to give it a spruce-up, get it all-season appropriate and ready for plenty of cosy evenings.

Take a look at the ways you can transform your slice of the great outdoors and start planning a revamp today.

Update the furniture

There’s so much amazing garden furniture online now that you don’t have to worry about hitting your local garden centre to see it all in person before buying. VidaXL garden furniture offers a good selection of different styles that can cater to all of the trends identified by Ideal Home – but, don’t just be swayed by fashion. You have to love and want to use this space yourself and so, creating a cohesive continuation of your interior scheme is always a good idea.

Keep an eye out for styles of furniture that mimic indoor sofas, but have the added benefit of waterproof covers to keep them safe from the elements, and don’t forget to include tables! Often, people make the mistake of only investing in gorgeous seating for their patio, when a low table is a handy inclusion too. And for extra bonus points, add an outdoor rug to bring everything together.

Add some heat

A patio heater isn’t an indulgence – if you want to be able to enjoy your garden in the winter months, it’s a necessity! Having enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in recent years, patio heaters are now eminently more affordable and there are lots of styles to choose from too. Traditional floor standing variations still offer some of the best heat generation, but you can go for something more rustic – such as a fire pit – if that suits your style and you don’t mind more of a huddle.

Grab the Bluetooth speaker

A little music goes a long way, so treat yourself to a portable Bluetooth speaker so you can add a soundtrack to your outdoor socialising. Even just having a favourite radio station playing will vastly enhance your time outdoors and there are some brilliant devices available now that can just hang inside your parasol, for discreet placement.

Think about the weather

It could be sunny all day but as soon as you decide to pop out onto the patio, you know the rain will start! So, be sure to prepare for the worst and you won’t get caught out. For a permanent solution, a wooden gazebo with a roof is a fabulous addition, though awnings, sail shades and parasols are excellent options too and give you some freedom for when the weather holds.

Don’t sit in the dark

What transforms a nice outdoor space into one that you want to spend time in? The lighting! You want to take a multifaceted approach for the most beautiful end-result here, so think big.

Starting with your seating area, you’ll want some table lamps that create a warm and snug ambience and maybe some citronella candles, if your garden is prone to pests. Next, look up. The joy of an outdoor space is that, at night, you can enjoy socialising under the stars, but if the weather threatens to rain off play, you need to pop up your shade, which can spoil all the fun. Adding some string lights to a parasol or gazebo gives you the twinkling sky you want, but without the worry about sudden changes in weather.

Finally, light the wider space too. Some solar lamps on your fence panels work well, as do path lights, to give a welcoming and contemporary finish that makes an entire space feel put together.

Regardless of the size of your outdoor space, you can do a lot with it. When the lighting is right and the seating is comfortable, you won’t be able to resist grabbing a blanket or two and heading outdoors for some evening snuggling.

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