How to Transition from a Solo Entrepreneur to Running a Real Small Business

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If you’re someone who’s been running your business in a solo manner for a long time, it might be time to consider upgrading and taking it to a next level. Bringing on board new people and operating it as a small business rather than a solo project definitely lends the enterprise more legitimacy and that’s something that can’t be overlooked. Here’s how to make that transition.

Start the Process of Recruiting

One of the changes your business is likely going to have to make is adding new people. Running a business as a solo enterprise is very different to managing a team of people underneath you. It’s something that you’ll have to do gradually and get better at. You might even want to hire a manager if you don’t see yourself as the leader of a team.

Set Your Goals

Setting goals for what’s going to happen next in this new chapter of your business is something that you’ll have to think carefully about. The goal setting process is your opportunity to think really hard about where you want to take the business and what’s capable of achieving with the changes that you’re currently trying to put in place. Keep things realistic, ambitious and measurable if possible.

Find the Office Space That’s Going to Work for Your Team

It’s important to find the office space that’s going to offer everything you and your team are looking for. It should offer you the chance and flexibility to start moving in new directions and achieving more. There’s a lot of things that are hard to do when you have to work from the kitchen table. So, find a place to rent or even purchase a modular office building as an affordable option.

Harness Technology Better

Harnessing the technology that you have at your disposal is something that’ll be very important if you want to take your company further. These days, all businesses can make use of software, data and all kinds of other metrics and tools as they look to get better at what they do and grow their customer base. Be sure to think about how you can invest in these things in order to make the right kind of progress.

Start Making Your Brand Noticed Within the Industry

Making your brand better noticed within the industry is obviously very important as well. As a solo-run business it’s often hard to get noticed. But now you have more to your operation, you can start to get more traction and hopefully have people take you more seriously. That should be the ambition at least. So, make contacts with your industry and get noticed for the right reasons.

Upgrading your business and taking it to a whole new level might just turn out to be one of the best things you ever do, so don’t underestimate how much of an impact this could have for you. Make the most of the tips and ideas above and then take things from there moving forward.

Image Credits: Malachi Witt

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