Is Brick Sealing Necessary?

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One of the most common questions most of the homeowners have is whether or not brick sealing is necessary. If you have a house made of bricks or some part of the house where you’ve laid down bricks, then you must have gotten different opinions on if you need to protect them with a sealant or not.

When one chooses bricks for the interior or exterior of their house, they think of it as a maintenance-free job. But is it really so?


According to, while brick patios and interiors may not require annual staining and cleaning, like wood decks, it doesn’t mean that they will not be affected by external elements. In this article, we will discuss brick sealing and whether it is necessary or not.

What is Brick Sealing?

Brick sealing, as the name suggests, is a process of sealing the bricks in your house. A sealant is used to seal the upper layer of the bricks which protects them from damage from the environment and other elements. It also protects the bricks from fading out, becoming uneven or being consumed by weeds. Sealing the bricks is especially important when they lie on the exterior of your house. Brick patios, for example, are often seen fading out and getting stained when they are not protected by a sealant.

It is important to keep in mind that anything on the exterior of your house will be impacted by the weather. Whether it rains or shines bright, the bricks in the exterior of your house will be impacted. Rain will wash out sand from the joints that combine the bricks. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will fade the color and stain the bricks. Furthermore, erosion will also cause the bricks to become uneven. Weeds will start growing on the bricks and they will ultimately become a home for ants and other crawling insects.

All these problems can be escaped if you use a brick sealant when you lay down bricks. It forms a protective layer on the bricks that prevents damage from all kinds of external elements that can lead to the deterioration of your bricks.

How to Choose an Expert for Brick Sealing

It is important to choose someone who knows their work when it comes to brick sealing. It is a protective layer that keeps your bricks durable and free from all kinds of issues. Therefore, you must find someone who is an expert in their job.

You can choose an exterior or interior brick sealer, depending on where the bricks are. It is best to ask a contractor to find someone for you as they have experts for all kinds of jobs. Choose a sealant that has the best reviews. Ask the experts what they recommend and then choose your brick sealant accordingly.

Brick sealing protects your bricks from all kinds of damage. It makes them durable. Therefore, we suggest that you consider brick sealing, especially if the bricks are used in the exterior of your house.

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