Keeping Your Dog Away From Anxiety

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Dogs can feel anxious, just like people can and there are levels and severity of anxiety that your dog can experience. When you have a dog that gets anxious a lot it can be quite stressful for the owners, especially when all you want to do is help but you don’t know how.

What are the Symptoms of Anxiety in Dogs?

Just like humans, every dog is different in how they showcase that they are stressed or anxious. Some dogs may exhibit signs ranging from heavy panting, pacing, fixated licking to more extreme ones like trembling and shaking.

You might notice that your dog has bald spots in his fur where he has been over-grooming. It could get so bad that your dog may have hot spots that will need to be seen by his veterinarian. He might also exhibit signs such as dilated pupils, decreased appetite, or drooling.

Calming Your Dog Down

You will need to find what techniques work to calm your dog down. It could be something like playing soothing music, or giving extra special attention and allowing them to lay with their head in your lap. If the stress is coming from having too many people around or loud noises, you may want to see if separating the dog in a different room might help him to calm down.

Being stressed and anxious for too long can be harmful to your dog, so it is best to find some way of calming them down.


A Thundershirt is something that can help dogs not to feel so stressed and anxious during stressful situations. It is a piece of clothing that fits snug on the dog’s body. The garment hits all the main pressure points to ease tier stress and can quickly calm them down. This technique doesn’t work for every dog, but for the ones that it does, their owners swear by them.


Everyone knows that exercise can be a great stress reliever for humans, but don’t know that it also works for our furry companions. Exercise can increase the body’s production of a chemical called serotonin. It is nicknamed the “feel-good chemical”. Not to mention that it works off a lot of excess energy that is built up in the body after a day of not doing much. So, if your dog is stressed, try taking him for a walk around your neighborhood. It will probably do you both some good.

Anxiety Medications

If your dog’s stress and anxiety are too much and more typical techniques aren’t working, your veterinarian may suggest putting him on medication. These medications work best when they are paired with behavior modification training to help diffuse anxiety in dogs.

If you want to go a more natural route, there is CBD oil for dogs and pets that can help de-stress your pet just as well as any modern medicine. It is hemp oil that is in drop form that can safely be given to pets. The effects can be felt within 10 minutes of administering it.

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