Keeping Organized: Simple and Easy Storage Solutions That You Must Try Right Now

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Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic and most people are staying in their homes, now is the best time to be productive, other than doing work. If you’re looking to make some space, you can try these easy and simple storage solutions for your house, and you’ll surely see a huge difference.

Use Your Unused Drawer as an Organizer

If you run out of ideas, especially when it comes to finding a place to store little things that are just lying around your house, such as small tools, utensils, and office materials, then make use of an unused drawer. It’s the simplest, yet most useful idea to organize all of your things in your home.

If you want to quickly find all of your belongings, having a drawer organizer is one of the best easy storage solutions you can come up with. Not only is it convenient, but it also saves you precious time since you can just go directly to your drawer organizer instead of roaming around your house trying to find a single tool.

Any type of unused drawer can be used as a tool organizer. You just need to be creative enough to fit and segregate each tool and utensil. If you go online, you’ll find some examples of a drawer organizer with boundaries, which makes you separate each tool depending on its use.

Using a Magnetic Strip

This idea might be new to you, but you can store any metal utensils or essentials, such as kitchen knives, stirrers, spoons and forks, and other metal tools, by using a magnetic strip.

Another awesome thing about having a magnetic strip is that you can easily buy it from your local department store, warehouse, or online. Either screw it in place, or use double-sided tape so that if you decide to move it or find another place to put it, then you can just easily remove it.

Disclaimer: If you intend to use a magnet strip to store all your metal tools, you must make sure that it’s in a safe place that will not harm anyone, especially during an earthquake or any type of disaster that might happen. Falling objects can be hazardous, especially if those objects are knives or any other sharp thing.

Make Use of Spice Clips

With this simple and easy storage solution, you’ll be able to create so much more space in your kitchen for other essentials. In most houses, especially in the US, spices play a huge role. Some people cannot live without spices in their kitchen; that’s why you need to store them properly and clear things up to make your kitchen more organized.

Spice clips can easily be bought in any supermarket. You can even order them online without needing to leave your house. Another cool thing about spice clips is that you can rearrange or organize all your spices, and they’re easy to mount into any type of wall.

Pegboard for Your Garage Tools

Are you a fan of DIY? If yes, then you may have many tools just lying around your garage. Using a pegboard to store all your tools can be very helpful, since you’ll have full control over how your tools, such as your hammer, open wrench set, metal saw, vice grip wrench, are arranged or organized.

Putting Shelves on Walls

This might be the simplest storage solution for your items. With a board shelf and a wall anchor, you can have a handy wall shelf in your home. Things such as picture frames, flower vases, wine, spices, and any decor that you have can be placed on your wall shelf. Instead of buying stand cabinets, which occupy so much space, a wall shelf will save more room for other room decoration ideas.


If you are struggling to find the best storage solution for your house, this article will help you a lot. With a little touch of creativity and patience, you can make your home much more organized.

Image Credits: Charlotte May

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