What We Know About Kong: Skull Island

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Few monsters have captivated cinema audiences as much as King Kong. And on 10 March we can look to see further exploits from the gargantuan beast, as Kong: Skull Island looks to be one of 2017’s biggest movie outings.

With an incredible cast featuring the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and Brie Larson, it’s hoped to continue the immense cinematic legacy of Kong that’s seen the colossal ape terrifying movie fans in 1933, 1976 and of course, in Peter Jackson’s 2005 release.

So far we know that filming took place in some seriously exotic locations that include Vietnam and Australia. But it will be on the islands of Hawaii that most of the action will take place as a group of adventurers and soldiers unwittingly stumble across an environment packed with all manner of horrendous monsters.

Although the movie is meant to harken back to the original 1933 King Kong classic, it seems that the recent Kong: Skull Island trailers illustrate that there will be plenty of other weird and wonderful monsters making an appearance.

This makes sense as it looks like the new Kong film will form part of a MonsterVerse movie universe that will follow on from the impressive 2014 film, Godzilla. And with even gaming websites like MrSmithCasino featuring a King Kong slots game, it shows just how much potential this franchise has to be a real money-spinner.

With a reported budget of $190 million, it seems that Legendary Pictures are throwing their full weight behind the release. But it’s been interesting to see how they’ve given the fairly new director Jordan Vogt-Roberts the chance to create box office gold as he’s had a fairly limited output with only the well-received Kings of Summer showing that he can craft an emotionally resonant movie.

However, with a screenplay from writers who’ve given us hits like Nightcrawler and Godzilla, it’s expected to be yet another solid dose of typically explosive Hollywood fare.

And even if the films somehow fails to live up to the huge expectations, monster movie fans can be reassured by revisiting the Kong slots game and know that there are already plans for Legendary Pictures to create a King Kong and Godzilla movie that’s due to be released in 2020!

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