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Music technology has been around for decades. Digital music has been around for decades too. It’s not difficult to access or find. These days, you can make music in an app on your smartphone without the need for any further equipment. Most importantly, you can master your favorite tunes and songs without the need for a teacher. After all, we understand gaming and technology easily enough to apply that approach to anything.

Can you learn enough about music from tech, though? Well, that depends on what you want from your music. If you want to learn a musical instrument well enough to play anything, then that is going to take time and practice, no matter what approach you use. Of course, some instruments are easier to tackle than others. The humble keyboard or piano is already pitched perfectly for the player. The notes never change, regardless of the fingers you choose to press them with. And with digital pianos, there is more opportunity than ever to self-teach.


Digital keyboards often have tutor settings. Something as simple as a LED light in front of the key you have to press could be all you need.It’s important to look through digital piano reviews to be sure you’ll get what you need from the instrument. If you want to learn, you might look for built-in song files. If you want to compose, then MIDI capability and USB connectivity might be more important.

If you don’t have a digital piano, you can still use tech to learn with something like the RainPlay add-on. Guitars are a popular choice of instrument too. There are dozens of highly regarded guitar tutor apps available for free or a small fee. They take the student through TAB as well as chords, offering quite a well-rounded schooling. Electric guitars also come in many shapes and sizes and some are also MIDI controllers. There are even versions that work with your gaming system. The truth is, you don’t need an instrument at all to make music. Just a musical ear.


Logic and Cubase have long been favorite software choices for the budding composer. You can use any MIDI controller you like to input the notes or drum patterns you choose. If you’ve not got great timing, simply drag and drop the notes directly into a score or other notation interface. These days, everything can play back through your phone app, your laptop speakers, or a MIDI sound module. If it sounds right to your ear, chances are it is. Do you really need those expensive instrumental lessons or tuition for music theory?

Fortunately, there are even apps for music theory tuition. In fact, there are apps for everything you might need to achieve what you want from your music. Should any of those activities be at least guided by a real human teacher? If you are stuck for answers, there are many forums full of dedicated people who can offer you some advice.

Teacherless music technology provides access to music education and music making for all. Is there still a place for teachers? Of course, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need one.

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