Locations in Florida You Can Get Sea Containers

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Homes made out of shipping containers can get pretty expensive if you are buying the wrong types, or if you’re spending money on types of containers you don’t need. If you’re tired or shopping around in the Everglades for shipping containers and not getting results, we’re going to give you a little guide and let you know where you can get them. Welcome to our locations in Florida you can get sea containers guide (like that? Sea containers since they’re commonly used in “shipping cargo on the sea”. Okay enough with the puns).

Where Can I Get Sea Containers Online?

By going to Shipping Container Sale, as well as a few other sites, you can easily find shipping containers you can buy in Florida. When you’re looking for them, you want something that is durable, and that can stand the climate you are in. That’s why it’s important for you to find shipping containers which are watertight and air sealed as well. By shopping online, you can easily find a big list which tells you where they’re at. According to the search, the common places to get shipping containers from there are Jacksonville and Miami. You can also get them from the surrounding states like South and North Carolina, as well as Georgia.

How Much Do Shipping Containers Cost?

When you’re wanting to buy shipping containers, there are many factors which calculate the price. The quality, size, and even the features like whether they are windproof and waterproof, have double doors, and so much more, as well as what shape they are in can all affect the price. However, on a general note, if they’re brand new, they’re going to cost about 5 times more than they would if you were trying to search for a used one.

Do I Have to Pay All at Once?

Fortunately, with sites like ShippingContainerSale, there are options available where you can purchase a used or new shipping container by paying in installments. This makes it a lot easier when you’re wanting to purchase, but can’t afford to pay the entire lump sum. Of course, there are rules, like if you’re using it for your own storage or wanting it for materials to use to build your new shipping container home, then you cannot alter or change it in any way (other than adding something like a padlock, etc.) because you technically don’t own it until it’s completely paid for.


Shipping Container Sale tries to find you the closest location when it comes to shipping containers to be shipped to you, because the closer one is, the less you’re going to end up paying for it. Why? Because many times they have to pay someone for transporting the container to you, and this requires them to pay trucking companies, as well as drivers and more. You don’t want to spend more than about 10 percent of what your total purchase price is as a general practice to have a product shipped to you. Otherwise, you’re literally losing out on the bargain that you were wanting.

Image Credits: Erwan Hesry

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