Making the Most of Your Hallways

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The hallway is arguably the most important area in your home. It offers your home safety and protection. It welcomes you in after a long hard day. It offers you sanctuary when it’s cold and wet outside, and it’s the last place in your home you see as you leave. Your hallway needs to be efficient. When you are in a rush to leave in the morning, the last thing that you need is a scramble to find keys, coats, and shoes. But it also needs to be welcoming and inviting to guests.

But, if we’re honest, most of us put very little thought into our hallways. You might have added some coat hooks, but the decor is likely to be bland, and you might not be making the most of this vital space in your home. So let’s take a look at some ways to get more from it.

Open Up the Space

Hallways aren’t big areas of your home. The space might be quite small and cramped. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have options. Make the space look more open and inviting with light colours, mirrors, reflective surfaces, and wooden floors instead of thick carpets. You might even consider having half walls to stairs and other rooms to create more space.

Use Effective Storage

Hallways can quickly become cluttered and untidy. We just throw our coats, shoes, and bags on the most convenient surface or side. Keep it neat with more effective storage. Add coat hooks, a rack for your shoes, a notice board, and a neat box for keys. You might also want an umbrella stand and shelving for anything else that you need.

Keep it Easy To Clean

It’s easy for hallways to get dirty, especially in the winter. There might be muddy marks on the walls where people have kicked shoes off, and your carpet in this area is sure to get plenty of wear. You might be tempted to give up. If it’s just going to get dirty all the time, what’s the point in trying?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. If you want your hallway to be welcoming, instead of giving up, make sure it’s easier to clean. A solid wood flooring can be a great choice, as mud will wipe off easily, not getting caked in as it does on a carpet. Tiles over a shoe mat can help keep walls clean. And rough mat to wipe feet, both inside and outside of the house, could work well.

Add a Feature, Or Highlight What You’ve Got

If you want your hallway to welcome people in, adding a feature, or highlighting something that’s already there, can help to break the ice. Add a large painting, intricate tiles, a tropical fish tank, or a family photo gallery.

Seating Can be Useful

Seating in your hall gives you somewhere to sit while you put your shoes on, or to wait for the rest of your family to get ready to leave. A long bench can add a practical feature, as well as secret storage.

Image Credits: JamesDeMers

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