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It’s not easy running a warehouse. While there’s a lot of potential for profit, the running costs can be high, and competition can be fierce. However, while your main objective will be to have a sustainable business, your first priority should be to ensure that your warehouse is safe for everyone who works and visits there. As an example, one way to help safety is through warehouse automation. In an age when the spotlight is on companies more than ever, and when employees have more power than in the past, it’s imperative that businesses take safety seriously.

In this blog, we’re going to run through some key ways that you can do that.

Find the Flaws

To begin with, take a look at your warehouse as it is now. Just by looking through the lens of safety, you might find that there are some safety weak points that you need to address. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, then look at hiring an outside consultant to conduct the work for you. They might identify some easily overlooked safety considerations that help to make your warehouse much safer.

Realistic Expectations

Your staff will want to do a good job. But it’s important that they have realistic targets to meet. If they’re under too much pressure, then they’ll be more likely to work in an unsafe manner. Of course, this doesn’t come from the employee — they’ll follow what management requests. So while it’s good to strive to work at your highest level, think about the pressure that you’ll be putting on your employees. If it seems a little too much, then scale it back. There are other ways to improve your operations than pressuring employees to work quickly (and thus dangerously).

Invest in Storage

The dangers in a warehouse are not always apparent. While the machines that you use may pose the biggest threat, the majority of accidents actually come from other sources. Take the walkways, for example. If they’re not clear, then it’ll be much more likely that someone falls and suffers an injury. If you find that you’re using the walkways to store belongings, then invest in some more warehouse shelving. As well as making the warehouse a safer place to be, this will enhance productivity. Employees find it much easier to work well when they can easily get from A to B!

Ongoing Training

You’ll train your staff when they first join your company. But it’s important to hold periodic safety sessions. Safety habits are something that we all tend to forget after a while; refresher sessions will help ensure they’re always at the forefront of your team’s minds.

Listen to Employee Feedback

Finally, be sure to listen to employee feedback. While you’ll have your own ideas about what will help to make your warehouse safer, in reality, you’re probably not the one who’s on the front lines every day. Your employees are. It’s important to have a relationship that encourages open dialogue at your business. If you can do that, then your staff will feel comfortable coming to you when they have a safety concern.

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