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Did you aim for 2019 to be the year you seriously give your home a makeover? 2019 may be flying by already, but if you haven’t yet made a start on the resolution you made back in January to modernise your home, then don’t panic. According to experts, Spring is officially the best time to start any updates to your home. So don’t worry – there’s still time!

Perhaps you have been saving up, or maybe you’ve been wondering how on Earth to make your home more fashionable and trendy. Or maybe, you have just been a little stuck for the right updates to take on, and have found yourself stuck in a design rut.

It’s one thing to sit back and research, making nice Pinterest boards full of inspiration. But it’s another thing actually getting stuck in and making things happen.

Here, we’ll show how to modernise your home without feeling like you have to precisely follow strict trends, and how to refresh it easily for 2019.

Modernise with new furniture

Large pieces of furniture tend to be their own focal point. So if you want to overhaul how a room looks, simply change up the furniture, and the entire room will change its appearance.

If you want to create a look that is more on the contemporary side, look for sleek pieces of furniture. This includes furniture which goes against the old traditional ‘favourites’, like a three piece suite and armchair and a chunky coffee table with pull-out drawers.

Instead, look at furniture that has a more updated, almost futuristic look. Large corner sofas without bulky arms, a brightly coloured single armchair which acts as the ‘wow’ piece, or a low glass coffee table which screams minimalism and space.

If you want to inject an ultra modern look into the living room, look to incorporate neutral shades where you can. Shades and tones of cream, grey, black and white create a fuss-free look, which tends to ooze simplicity and class, without clashing with anything.

Update your fireplace

One of the key telltale signs of an old house is the fireplace. No matter how much you modernise and update old rooms, the fireplace will give it away if you keep the original fixtures and fittings in place.

The type of fireplace units making waves for 2019 are slimline, with clean lines and glass panels, such as these wood burning stoves from Jøtul you see in newer buildings. These automatically update an older room into a newer, stylish looking space, where the fireplace becomes a fashionably social point. Some wood stoves feature a combination of sleek cast iron and glass, designed as a stove with a soft overall impression and great flame view. These provide both heat and light, and look extremely attractive in both new builds and renovated cottages.

Add an en-suite bathroom

Older properties don’t tend to have en-suites, with these becoming much more popular across new build estates. However, more people with older houses are starting to get them built in, realising that they are a real asset that almost any homeowner could benefit from. They certainly add value to your home and impress potential buyers.

A stylish en-suite bathroom means having your own private bathroom space without having to wait for others to finish in the shower or complete cleaning their teeth. Especially if there are four or more of you in one household! The beauty of a well designed en-suite means that you can simply step out of bed and walk straight into your own private space.

Look at adding skylights

Having natural light flowing into your home is by far one of the great assets to have in any property. Not only does the extra light make your rooms look bigger, but it also helps to boost your mood and help with building a natural sleep pattern.

If you can, look at ways to add skylights to your home, and fill the rooms with natural light. To do this properly, you would need to assess the rooms in your home which could work to this update, and look at getting a professional to fit these.

Try to introduce minimalism

Over the past two years, the minimalism trend has boomed. And for 2019, it is set to go nowhere. Whether you are browsing the various Pinterest boards or flicking through the pages of the glossy interior design magazines, you’ll see that popular Scandi-style minimalism flooding into homes across the globe.

Minimalism is more of a lifestyle rather than a mere aesthetic choice. You can reduce your impact on the planet by investing in fewer material objects, as well as avoiding clutter and mayhem in your personal space.

You can start by cutting down on excessive decoration and muting your colour palettes, and of course, looking to own fewer belongings in general. But it also spans across furniture and fixtures. Frameless shower doors, hanging bulb lights without lamp shades, slim breakfast bars – the list is endless.

Remember that while you may want your home to undergo a complete modernisation, some of the trendiest contemporary inspiration may not always work for your home. Assess what is achievable and will fit in your original home, and work towards it. It’s important your home represents you and your personality and doesn’t look like a carbon copy of someone else’s.

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