Moving into Your New Home during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Moving house is difficult at the best of times, but anyone planning to move this year is going to do it in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It might sound scary, but there’s no need to panic. There are plenty of professionals like Mesa Moving and Storage in Denver out there to help you out. Here are a few tips here to help you move seamlessly into your new home.

Socially-Distanced House Viewings

If you can offer people virtual viewings of your house while trying to sell it, then I suggest you do. You don’t want to have to clean after every person views of the house. Of course, it’s not ideal, but it’s safer than getting sick. If you do invite people over, you should have a set of rules in place, e.g. everyone must wear a mask, no touching furniture or surfaces, and people adhere to the two-meter rule. Some real estate agents will already have safety measures in place to ensure safe house viewings.

This also works the other way. If you haven’t decided on the right house, go on virtual tours of different houses and have video chats with the owners until you’ve narrowed it down to one or two that you like. If you feel that you have to visit the property to get a feel for the house, then make sure the sellers and their estate agent have safety measures in place too. If possible, once you’ve picked the house you want, try to sign all paperwork digitally, to avoid everyone having to touch the same documentation and using the same pens. Then you can get excited about moving into your new house!

Organizing the Move

Once you’ve secured your dream house, you should prepare to move in by contacting somewhere like Bekins Moving Solutions to help you move. Planning is key when moving your belongings into your new home. Everything should be organised by the time the movers arrive to avoid confusion.

Don’t let COVID-19 ruin your move! Any movers you’ve employed should wear masks (and gloves, if possible).  Always wear a pair of medical- and utility-grade gloves when cleaning and sanitizing your new home. Most importantly, remember to never touch any part of your body with the soiled gloves on. You should wear them too. Organise who is going to move what and when, so that you can still maintain social distancing while you’re loading and unloading your belongings to and from the moving van. If you’re worried about maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene, contact to see what your moving options are and to see what steps they are taking to improve their safety and hygiene standards during the coronavirus pandemic.

While you unpack, clean everything. Disinfect all the rooms, including surfaces, floors, and closets before putting everything away. If there are any large items you moved from your old home that couldn’t be packed in a box, clean them too, because they may have been touched by multiple people. You can never be too careful.

What to Do Once You’ve Settled In

Now that you have moved in, you can relax a little. Take some time to add a few personal touches to your house to make it feel more like home. If you’re not sure what to do once you’ve unpacked, check out this website for some fun activities you can do at home while you are social distancing. Planting some flowers and shrubs in the garden or cooking your first meal in your new kitchen will help you to settle in better.

If you’re disappointed about being unable to invite people over to celebrate the move, then don’t worry! Rather than having a housewarming party, invite your friends and family to join you on a video call so you can take them on a virtual tour of your new home.

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