Moving Tips for Families with Children

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When it’s time to make a move to a new place, there are lots of things you have to get in order. Moving can be very stressful, making it important that you move with intention.

Plotting and planning various elements of your move will help you get into your new space with energy left to give. Adding children to the mix provides its own challenges. Take a few moments to read through some moving tips for families with children, and start planning today.

Hire movers to help with the process

Moving with children can be a troublesome time, especially if you’re left to do all the heavy lifting on your own. It’s best to take one element of the move out of the equation, and hire professional movers to relocate your things.

Professional movers are on a contract to take good care of your stuff, and you can do all the packing yourself for added safety. Take the time to pack with care.

Pack everything in an orderly manner

Packing your stuff is one of the most important parts of orchestrating a seamless move. Get the whole family involved in the process, and make sure you label boxes carefully. Let the movers know where to place the boxes to add a bit of order to your move.

When packing breakable items, it’s up to you to provide protection. Use bubble wrap and newspaper to ward off the chance of breaking any glassware or other fragile items.

Clean the new house before you move

Well before it’s time to move into your new place, it’s wise to take a day for deep cleaning. You should always take the time to properly clean and sanitize a space before moving.

Cleaning the house gives you a fresh start, and it helps you to mentally claim the space as your own. You can get the kids to help with this step too. Place a mop or vacuum in their hands, and let them help with the floors.

Turn on the lights before moving

It’s also a great idea to make sure the utilities are up and running before moving the whole family into a new space. With children in the mix, you want to know you have the option of putting something on the television to calm them down on moving day. You will need lights to start the unpacking process the evening of your move too.

Give everyone something to do

On the day of your move, the kids will need something to keep them engaged in the process. If you don’t have the option of having someone watch them, you will fare better by getting them involved in the move.

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