A Party Bag Full of Tricks to Help You Execute a Top Secret Surprise Party

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We’ve all wondered if we could pull off a top secret surprise party for a friend or loved one. In the movies, it always seems so simple. There’s never any event clashes that mean important guests can’t show up. They never seem to worry about their budget. And, nobody ever raises any questions about whether the birthday boy or girl is actually going to like the surprise.

In real life, things can get a bit more hectic, but if you know a guy or girl – it might even be one of your parents – that would love a surprise party, it’s time to take on the challenge. The good news is that the opportunities are endless. You can have a themed bash, a casino night, a big birthday feast, or just a simple get together with friends. The key to success is careful planning and enough stealth to make sure that you don’t get caught red handed.

Keep reading for some cool tips and tricks on how to throw the surprise party of the year.

Give Yourself Enough Time

This is particularly important if you want to hire any kind of service for the big day. For instance, photo booth hire professionals in Sydney are hugely popular right now. They come to your chosen venue, set up the booth, and then leave you and your guests to take silly, crazy snaps all night long. It is a great addition to a party, but make sure that you leave plenty of time to arrange it.

Choose a Familiar Location

The best place to throw a surprise party is in a familiar location. Otherwise, the guest of honour might smell a rat and ruin the secret. You should either host it at your own house – if they are used to spending time there – or at their own home. For the latter option to be successful, you’ll need to find some willing accomplices who’ll help you gain access and keep them away while you set things up.

Deliver Everything to a Secret Location

One of the most common ways that surprise parties are uncovered is things like stray invitations and things being delivered right into the hands of the target. Avoid suspicion by having all party bits and pieces delivered to an alternative address. And, if you’re using paper invitations, keep them well out of sight and make sure all guests know about the nature of the event. You don’t want anybody unwittingly passing their invitation to the birthday boy or girl.

Time It Perfectly

While the temptation is to hold the party on their actual birthday, there is less chance of the surprise being revealed if you schedule it for the week before. That way, they’re not expecting anything strange or unusual to happen. If you plan things correctly, they’ll be floored and amazed at the fact that you managed to pull it off so efficiently. You also have the option of holding it just after the birthday, but you’ll have to arrange a faux celebration as cover.

Appoint a Trusty Chaperone

Somebody needs to be with the guest of honour while the party is being set up. This is important, because you need to know exactly where they are in the hours leading up to it. If you lose track of them, they could head home and rumble you trying to put up decorations or finish the cake. A clever idea is to have the chaperone text you a prearranged one word code when they are 2-3 minutes away with the birthday guy or girl.

Practice Your Reveal

Sometimes, a cheesy ‘jump out from behind the sofa’ moment won’t quite work. You can certainly try it if you’re keen to keep things authentic, but dimming the lights is usually more than enough. Or, as an alternative, you could just have the party in full swing for the moment that they walk in the door. Be ready to greet them with a glass of bubbly or their favourite drink and a big, fat birthday present. You get extra points if you manage to snap a shot of their expression when they walk through the door.

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